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on civil liberties, justice and home affairs, access to documents and democratic standards in Europe: from 1999 and ongoing

Volume 21 (2019)

No 5/19: The Commission and Italy tie themselves up in knots over Libya (June 2019)

No 4/19: A world without wiretapping? Official documents highlight concern over effects 5G technology will have on "lawful interception" (June 2019)

No 3/19: Viewpoint: Why have the French police become the most violent in western Europe? (May 2019)

No 2/19: Italy's redefinition of sea rescue as a crime draws on EU policy for inspiration (April 2019)

No 1/19: EU: New criminal records database for non-EU nationals is "disproportionate and discriminatory" (February 2019)

Volume 20 (2018)

No 16/18: 'More police’ is not a synonym for ‘more security’ (November 2018)

No 15/18: Undercover policing: the "alphabet soup" of cross-border networks, groups and projects (November 2018)

No 14/18: Fingerprints in identity cards: who will oppose an unjustified and unnecessary proposal? (November 2018)

No 13/18: MIgration policy: From the "carrot and stick" to the "stick" (November 2018)

No 12/18: Decriminalising solidarity by promoting the regularisation of migrants (October 2018)

No 11/ 18 Morocco: Wherever EU immigration policy rears its ugly head, violence and abuses follow (October 2018)

No 10/18: UPDATED: The “Point of no return”: Interoperability morphs into the creation of a Big Brother centralised EU state database including all existing and future Justice and Home Affairs databases (July 2018)

No 09/18: Fingerprints in identity cards: unnecessary and unjustified (June 2018) and see the press release: EU plans to include fingerprints in identity cards are unjustified and unnecessary

No 08/18: The law in times of exception (May 2018)

No 07/18: The “Point of no return”: Interoperability morphs into the creation of a Big Brother centralised EU state database including all existing and future Justice and Home Affairs databases (May 2018)

No 06/18: The Tarnac affair: the shipwreck of the French 'counter-terrorism struggle' (May 2018)

No 05/18: The seizure of the Open Arms boat as a paradigm of the European Union's war against human rights (April 2018) and see: Sequestration of the Open Arms rescue boat and the case against the crew: background, documentation and sources

No 04/18: Suspicion files: German police databases on political activists (April 2018)

No 03/18: Briefing: Another step towards ending EU law-making through secret trilogue meetings (March 2018)

No 02/18: Irregular migration to Spain: a state of exception (March 2018)

No 01/18: Briefing: The interoperability of Justice and Home Affairs databases (March 2018)

Volume 19 (2017)

No 18/17: Human rights violations at Spain's southern border: steps towards restoring legality (December 2017)

No 17/17: Statewatch Analysis: The widespread impunity over migrant deaths (November 2017)

No 16/17: A Pyrrhic victory? The ECJ upholds the EU law on relocation of asylum-seekers (September 2017)

September 2017: EU: New report: Market Forces: the development of the EU security-industrial complex

Market Forces focuses on the development of EU security policies and budgets through the 2007-13 period and their successors, which were launched in 2014 and will run until 2020. These include the ESRP, which funds research to develop new technologies for law enforcement, border control, cybersecurity and critical infrastructure protection and leans heavily towards technologies and techniques initially deployed or favoured by military forces: drones, data-mining tools, large-scale surveillance systems, biometric recognition and automated behaviour analysis tools. It also explicitly seeks to develop “dual-use” technologies for both civil and military use.

No 15/17: The EU goes to war with African “elite” (July 2017)

No 14/17: Summary: Restricted document outlines official proposals and recommendations for future EU actions in Libya (July 2017)

No 13/17: Policing the internet: how Europol takes action against undesirable content online (July 2017)

No 12/17: Counter-terrorism and the inflation of EU databases (May 2017)

No 11/17: Who drives EU counter-terrorism? On the legislation of the European Union (May 2017)

No 10/17: Germany: Almost suspicious: the unbearable lightness of legislation (May 2017)

No 09/17: Viewpoint: Egypt: Europe’s other north African border (May 2017)

No 08/17: The White Paper on the Great Repeal Bill: Invasion of the Parliamentary Control Snatchers (April 2017)

No 07/17: Viewpoint: Hindering humanitarianism: European Commission will not ensure protection for those aiding migrants and refugees (April 2017)

No 06/17: EU refugee crisis: 9th report on relocation and resettlement (March 2017)

No 05/17: Briefing: Frontex: cooperation with non-EU states (March 2017)

No 04/17: Opaque and unaccountable: Frontex Operation Hera (Febuary 2017)

No 03/17: Briefing: EU-wide biometric databases, “soft targets”, cybersecurity and data protection: Commission’s fourth report on building the ‘Security Union' (February 2017)

No 02/17: 8th report on relocation and resettlement: Commission welcomes increase in relocations and ignores harmful systematic effects (January 2017)

No 01/17: Viewpoint: More externalisation of migration control (January 2017)

Volume 18 (2016)

No 25/16: Briefing: Eurodac: Member States want wider police access to biometric database despite most having never made use of it (December 2016)

No 24/16: The EU’s military mission against Mediterranean migration: what “deterrent effect”? (December 2016)

No 23/16: Viewpoint: Migration, EU cooperation and authoritarianism (December 2016)

No 22/16: In support of the Amnesty International report: Other stories of violence in the hotspot system (November 2016)

No 21/16: Unaccompanied child asylum-seekers: European Court of Human Rights: Written Submissions on behalf of Statewatch as Third Party Intervenor in the case of Sh.D and others v Greece, F.Y.R.O.M, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia (October 2016)

No 20/16: Civilizing the torture and execution trade (October 2016)

No 19/16: The visible hand: the European Union’s Security Industrial Policy (August 2016)

No 18/16: A missed opportunity to open up secret trilogue decision-making in the EU (July 2016)

No 17/16: Viewpoint: Anamorphosis of the state - The management of order in Europe (June 2016)

No 16/16: The Orbanisation of EU asylum law: the latest EU asylum proposals (May 2016)

No 15/16: Overview: Turkey meets 65 of 72 requirements for visa liberalisation (May 2016)

No 14/16: Commission proposals on migration and internal security databases: a new list of old “needs” (April 2016)

No 13/16: Wisdom and goodness to the “vile seem vile”: Towards a third phase of the Common European Asylum System? (April 2016)

No 12/16: Policing the internet: from terrorism and extremism to “content used by traffickers to attract migrants and refugees" (March 2016)

No 11/16: Italy: Mass discrimination based on nationality and human rights violations – Nigerian refugees and trafficking victims deported from Rome (March 2016)

No 10/16: EU/Italy Commission requires large scale abuse of migrants for relocation to proceed (March 2016)

No 9/16: Reinforcing the Fortress Commission’s priority actions for the refugee situation (March 2016)

No 8/16: The EU at war with refugees: the origin of the “hotspots” concept (March 2016)

No 7/16: The final EU/Turkey refugee deal: a legal assessment (March 2016)

No 6/16: The EU Border Guard takes shape (52 pages, March 2016)

No 5/16: "Europe must do more..." Hasn't it done enough? 20 years of restrictive EU immigration policy have - inevitably - led us to the current situation (February 2016) by Yasha Maccanico

No 4/16: Why Turkey is Not a “Safe Country” (pdf) and: Executive Summary (February 2016)

No 3/16: The EU’s war against refugees: “Progress” report on Greece, January – December 2015 (January, 2016)

No 2/16: The Reform of Frontex: Saving Schengen at Refugee’s Expense? (January 2016)

No 1/16: Refugee crisis in the Med & inside the EU: Viewpoint: In Potters’ Fields (January 2016)

Volume 17 (2015)

No 19/15 Briefing: Italy: MSF report on reception conditions in Pozzallo (November 2015)

No 18/15  Briefing: Counter-terrorism: what the EU is discussing after the Paris attacks (November 2015)

No 17/15:
EU-Africa: Fortress Europe’s neo-colonial project (November 2015)

No 16/15: EU-USA Justice and Home Affairs cooperation: an honest and equal relationship? (July 2015)

No 15/15: Briefing: Preparing the ground for “smart borders”: EU action on “overstayers” (July 2015)

No 14/15: ECtHR: Spain guilty of not investigating allegations of torture in incommunicado detention (July 2015)

No 1315: UK: The new government’s assault on civil liberties (June 2015)

No 12/15: Briefing: Coercive measures or expulsion: Fingerprinting migrants (May 2015)

No 11/15: Manufacturing consent, EU style: The EU’s anti-smuggling military operation (May 2015)

No 10/15: The EU’s Planned War on Smugglers (May 2015)

No 9/15: Full compliance: the EU’s new security agenda (May 2015)

No 8/15: Biometric data and data protection law: the CJEU loses the plot (April 2015)

No 7/15: Italy/ECtHR: 2001 Genoa G8 police beating in the Diaz-Pertini school torture” - involving 62-year-old beaten during police operation (April 2015)

No 6/15: The EU's Maternity Leave Directive: The Council secretly rejects the EP's olive branch (March 2015)

No 5/15: Remote access to computers: Is it time to go back to the typewriter, carbon paper and Tippex? (March 2015)

No 4/15: Basic data protection principles in the proposed Data Protection Regulation: back to the future? (March 2015)

No 3/15: Bringing the Panopticon Home: the UK joins the Schengen Information System (February 2015)

No 2/15: Is readmission linked to development? (January 2015)

No 1/15: The US Senate reveals the truth on renditions and torture, now it’s Europe’s turn (January 2015)

Volume 16 (2014)

No 29/14: Viewpoint: Life imprisonment in Spain: An inhuman and unlawful punishment (November 2014)

No 28/14: EU: Joint police operations target irregular migrants by Chris Jones (October 2014)

No 27/14: TTIP and TiSA: big pressure to trade away privacy by Ralf Bendrath (September 2014)

No 26/14: Piecing together the puzzle: making US torturers in Europe accountable by Andreas Schüller and Morenike Fajana (September 2014)

No 25/14: State secrets in the Abu Omar case: the transatlantic relationship undermines the rule of law in cases involving human rights abuses by intelligence services by Yasha Maccanico (September 2014)

No 24/14: "Call it intercontinental collaboration": radicalisation, violent extremism and fusion centres (September 2014)

No 23/14: Smart borders: fait accompli? (August 2014)

No 22/14: Mass surveillance of communications in the EU: CJEU judgment and DRIPA 2014/RIPA 2000 in the UK (August 2014)

No 21/14: ECtHR finds Italy guilty of degrading treatment without adequate judicial remedy in mass prison beatings case (August 2014)

No 20/14: The UK opt in to pre-Lisbon EU criminal law (July 2014)

No 19/14: Secrets and lies: undercover police operations raise more questions than answers (July 2014)

No 18/14: Shining a light on deadly informers: The de Silva report on the murder of Pat Finucane (July 2014)

No 17/14: A duty to inform? The outsourcing of state surveillance responsibilities to the British public (July 2014)

No 16/14: Belgian 'municipal fines' cause growing dissent (July, 2014)

No 15/14: Viewpoint: ‘Border security’ exports: dividing lands across the globe (June 2014)

No 14/14: Border guards, planes, “thermal vision vans” and heartbeat detectors – who is equipping Frontex? (May 2014)

No 13/14: GCHQ is authorised to “spy on the world” but the UK Interception of Communications Commissioner says this is OK as it is “lawful”  (May 2014)

No 12/14   EU Justice and Home affairs legislation under the 2009-14 term of the European Parliament (April 2014)

No 11/14: Note on big data, crime and security: Civil liberties, data protection and privacy concerns (April 2014)

No 10/14: Constructing the secret EU state: “Restricted” and “Limite” documents hidden from view by the Council (March 2014)

No 9/14: Statewatch, the European Commission and the Dutch Senate (March 2014)

No 8/14: The UK opt-out from Justice and Home Affairs law: the other Member States finally lose patience (March 2014)

No 7/14: New EU rules on maritime surveillance: will they stop the deaths and push-backs in the Mediterranean? (February 2014)

No 6/14: Amending the EU’s visa list legislation - February 2014 version (February 2014)

No 5/14: 11 years of Eurodac (January 2014)

No 4/14: Taking stock of EU Counter-terrorism policy and review mechanisms: Summary of Statewatch’s findings for SECILE project (January 2014)

No 3/14: Catalogue of EU Counter-Terrorism Measures Adopted since 11 September 2001 (pdf) by Ben Hayes & Chris Jones (Statewatch): This report catalogues all EU CTMs adopted since 11 September 2011 and forms the basis for further research and analysis regarding their impact, legitimacy and effectiveness by the SECILE consortium. The report has been produced by the civil liberties organisation Statewatch which is conducting a ‘stocktake’ of EU CTMs and collecting and analysing data about their implementation.  (January 2014)

No 2/14: Report on how the EU assesses the impact, legitimacy and effectiveness of its counterterrorism laws (pdf) by Ben Hayes & Chris Jones (Statewatch).
This report examines the mechanisms available to the EU to assess the impact, legitimacy and effectiveness of its counter-terrorism policies. The research focuses primarily but not exclusively on the utilisation and application of these mechanisms rather than the substance of the assessments that they produce. (January 2014)

No 1/14: Data Retention in Europe: A Case Study (January 2014)

Volume 15 (2013)

No 24/13: Want to set up a website? The “Five Eyes” want your personal data (November 2013)

No 23/13: Quand la marine marchande seconde la police aux frontières : externalisation et soustraitance des contrôles migratoires dans le milieu maritime (Sanctions for stowaways: how merchant shipping joined the border police (September 2013)

No 22/13: Anti-politics and post-democracy in the European Union (August 2013)

No 21/13: UK: Collective punishment and pre-emptive policing in times of riot and resistance  (August 2013)

No 20/13: Golden Dawn and the deafening silence of Europe (August 2013)

No 19/13: Using the Italian crisis to impose control: a shift towards a fiscal surveillance state? (August 2013)

No 18/13: UK: Discipline and discontent: coalition government extends “slave labour” welfare policy (August 2013)

No 17/13: Austerity policies also cut rights and liberties in Spain (August 2013)

No 16/13: The use and misuse of telephone taps and communications data by Bulgarian intelligence (June 2013)

No 15/13: “If at first you don’t succeed”… European Commission proposes new rules on interception and disembarkation during Frontex sea operations (April 2013)

No 14/13: Secrecy reigns at the EU’s Intelligence Analysis Centre (April 2013)

No 13/13: Expulsion of Roma: the French government’s broken promise (April 2013)

No 12/13: Perfidious Albion: Cover-up and collusion in Northern Ireland (April 2013)

No 11/13: The second phase of the Common European Asylum System: A brave new world - or lipstick on a pig? (April 2013)

No 10/13: "Trust in Frontex”: The 2013 work programme (March 2013)

No 09/13: The rise of xenophobia and the migration crisis in Greece: The Council of Europe’s wake-up call: “Europe cannot afford to look away” (March 2013)

No 08/13: EU: Secretive Frontex Working Group seeks to increase surveillance of travellers (March 2013)

No 07/13: TESAT report shows decrease in terrorist activity in 2011 but national police forces see a continuing threat (March 2013)

No 06/13: The Global Approach to Migration and Mobility: the state of play (February 2013)

No 05/13: UK: The real “immigration debate” (February 2013)

No 04/13: Netherlands: Increased use of firearms by Dutch police (February 2013)

No 03/13: When dissent becomes subversion (February 2013)

No 02/13: Italy/ECtHR: “Pilot” judgement condemns Italy for inhuman and degrading treatment in overcrowded jails (February 2013)

No 01/13: How the EU works and justice and home affairs decision-making works (February 2013)

Volume 14 (2012)

No 46/12: EU Immigration and Asylum Law in 2012: The Year of Living Ineffectually (December 2012)

No 45/12: The EU Justice and Home Affairs agenda in 2013 (December 2012)

No 44/12: Update: amending the EU’s visa list legislation (December 2012)

No 43/12: Security of the spectacle The EU’s guidelines for security at major events (December 2012)

No 42/12: The Common European Asylum System: State-of-play update (December 2012)

No 41/12: The Common European Asylum System: State-of-play (November 2012)

No 40/12: The democratic accountability of the EU’s legislative approach (November 2012)

No 39/12: Criticism of Frontex’s operations at sea mounts (November 2012)

No 38/12: UK: Police force “more than minimally” contributed to Sean Rigg’s death (October 2012)

No 37/12: UK: Government’s “secret justice” Bill widely condemned (October 2012)

No 36/12: EU: The UK’s planned ‘block opt-out’ from EU justice and policing measures in 2014 (October 2012)

No 35/12: Nationwide vigils commemorate deaths in custody (October 2012)

No 34/12: EU: Reply to the Ombudsman’s request for submission – Frontex’s fundamental rights strategy (October 2012)

No 33/12: EU: Securitising maritime transport: shipping merchandise and dealing with stowaways (September 2012)

No 32/12: EU: "Complex, technologically fraught and expensive" - the problematic implementation of the Prum Decision (September 2012)

No 31/12: Growing racism in the EU not just a Member State issue (September 2012)

No 30/12: Was Hungary the first EU country of arrival? Legal responsibility before human rights: a short story on Dublin (August 2012)

No 29/12: "Tackling new threats upon which the security and prosperity of our free societies increasingly depend": the EU-]US Working Group on Cyber Security and Cyber crime (August 2012)

No 28/12: State Trojans: Germany exports “spyware with a badge” (August 2012)

No 27/12: A “clean city”: the Olympic Games and civil liberties (August 2012)

No 26/12: The comparative study of forced return monitoring in Europe by Matrix/ICMPD (August 2012)

No 25/12: The EU’s accession to the European Convention on Human Rights: a cause for celebration or concern? (July 2012)

No 24/12: Revising the ‘Dublin’ rules on responsibility for asylumseekers: Further developments (July 2012)

No 23/12: Neo-nazis enter the Greek Parliament (July 2012)

No 22/12: The EU Directive on Reception Conditions: A weak compromise (July 2012)

No 21/12: UK: Brothers in arms (July 2012)

No 20/12: “We are not animals”: Concern intensifies over detention of migrants in Europe (July 2012)

No 19/12: The revised ‘Dublin’ rules on responsibility for asylum-seekers: a missed opportunity (June 2012)

No 18/12: Analysis of this latest draft of the Access to Documents Regulation (June 2012)

No 17/12: Revision of the Regulation on access to documents: Comments on the Council’s Informal Drafting Note (June 2012)

No 16/12: Amending the EU’s Borders Code (June 2012)

No 15/12: The Revised Asylum Procedures Directive: Keeping Standards Low (May 2012)

No 14/12: Access to EU documents: Article-by-Article commentary, ‘Red Lines’ for the negotiations, and the undemocratic recast procedure (May 2012)

No 13/12: Amending the EU’s Borders Code (April 2012)

No 12/12: Amending the EU’s visa list legislation (April 2012)

No 11/12: The Frontex Regulation - Consolidated text after final 2011 amendments (April 2012)

No 10/12: Support for ACTA wanes following mass protests (March 2012)

No 9/12: The Revised Directive on Asylum-seekers’ Reception Conditions: The Member States hit rock-bottom (March 2012)

No 8/12: Counter-terrorism, 'policy laundering' and the FATF - legalising surveillance, regulating civil society (March 2012)

No 7/12: The Mother of all Opt-outs? The UK’s possible opt-out from prior third pillar measures in June 2014 (February 2012)

No 6/12: The Revised Directive on Asylum-seekers’ Reception Conditions: How much lower can the Member States go? (February 2012)

No 5/12: Making Fundamental Rights Flexible: The European Commission’s Approach to Negotiating Agreements on the Transfer of Passenger Name Record (PNR) Data to the USA and Australia (January 2012)

No 4/12: The Revised Directive on Asylum-seekers’ Reception Conditions: How much lower can the Member States go? (January 2012)

No 3/12: A proposal for an EU Immigration Code (January 2012)

No 2/12: The Arab Spring and the death toll in the Mediterranean: the true face of Fortress Europe (January 2012)

No 1/12: The EU’s self-interested response to unrest in north Africa: the meaning of treaties and readmission agreements between Italy and north African states (January 2012)

Volume 13 (2011)

No 41/11: On Globalisation of Control: Towards an Integrated Surveillance System in Europe (1999, online version December 2011)

No 40/11: The euro area: Comments on the EU Summit meeting 9 December 2011 (December 2011)

No 39/11: The Arab Spring of “Security made in Germany" (November 2011)

No 38/11: Criticism of UK Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures mounts as government retains power to forcibly relocate suspects (November 2011)

No 37/11: Future EU Treaty Reform? Economic Governance and Democratic Accountability (October 2011)

No 36/11: Italy: Fire and loathing in Lampedusa (October 2011)

No 35/11: Viewpoint: Ten years after the G8 Summit in Genoa, by Salvatore Palidda, Genoa University (October 2011)

No 34/11: EU: Mandatory data retention: update and developments (October 2011)

No 33/11: UK: Arrests, raids and wedding parades (October 2011)

No 32/11: A new player in Security Research: the European Network of Law Enforcement Services (ENLETS) (October 2011)

No 31/11: Europe’s secret international negotiations violate EU law (October 2011)

No 30/11: Court of Justice:The NS and ME Opinions -The Death of “Mutual Trust”? (September 2011)

No 29/11: UK: Internet censorhip looms as government finds alternatives to flawed Digital Economy Act (September 2011)

No 28/11: Implementing the “principle of availability”: The European Criminal Records Information System - The European Police Records Index System - The Information Exchange Platform for Law Enforcement Authorities (September 2011)

No 27/11: Using false documents against “Euro-anarchists”: the exchange of Anglo-German undercover police highlights controversial police operations (August 2011)

No 26/11: UK: Surveillance statistics: 1937-2010 (August 2011)

No 26a/11:
The Frontex Regulation – Consolidated text after 2011 amendments [Regulation 1168/2011 amending 2007/2004] (July 2011)

No 25/11: Germany: Berlin police chief sentenced: Eight shots were not self-defence (July 2011)

No 24/11: UK: The death of Jimmy Mubenga: “Securing your world” through privatised manslaughter (July 2011)

No 23/11: Policing popular mass protests: The transport of nuclear waste at Goelben (July 2011)

No 22/11: Lubricating the flow of information in the EU (IMS) (July 2011)

No 21/11: Public order and demonstrations in Italy: Heavy-handed policing, militarisation and prohibition (July 2011)

No 20/11: The revised directive on Refugee and Subsidiary Protection status (July 2011)

No 19/11: The Frontex Regulation – Consolidated text after 2011 amendments (July 2011)

No 18/11: Italy: Series of defeats in court for the “security package” (July 2011)

No 17/11: “A radically changing political landscape in the Southern Mediterranean”? The Dialogue for Migration, Mobility and Security with the Southern Mediterranean countries (July 2011)

No 16/11: UK: Review of counter-terrorism powers fails to deliver definitive change (June 2011)

No 15/11: “Network with errors”: Europe’s emerging web of DNA databases (June 2011)

No 14/11: Rethinking the EU Security Research Programme (June 2011)

No 13/11: Revised EU asylum proposals: “Lipstick on a pig” (June 2011)

No 12/11: Commission Communication on migration: Adapting the Schengen Border Code (May 2011)

No 11/11: The effects of security policies on rights and liberties in the European Union, and their export beyond the EU’s borders (May 2011)

No 10/11: Proposed Commission changes to Regulation on access to documents fail to meet Lisbon Treaty commitments (April 2011)

No 9/11: PNR data for the prevention, detection, investigation and prosecution of terrorist offences and serious crime (March 2011)

No 8/11: EU: Controls, detention and expulsions at Europe’s borders (February 2011)

No 7/11: The German Security Research Programme: Transferring military technology – securitising civil research (February 2011)

No 6/11: EU: Deepening the democratic deficit: the failure to “enshrine” the public’s right of access to documents (February 2011)

No 5/11: EU: “The law will bring peace”: s view on the European Gendarmerie Force (EGF) (February 2011)

No 4/11: The growing use of “preventative” arrests (February 2011)

No 3/11:
Time to rethink terrorist blacklisting (February 2011)

No 2/11:
Spying in a see through world: the “Open Source” intelligence industry (January 2011)

No 1/11:
Six months on: An update on the UK coalition government’s commitment to civil liberties (January 2011)

News features

No 26/11: French firm Amesys, criticised for selling to Gaddafi's Libya, offers customers "lawful or massive interception" of telecommunications (December 2011)

No 25/11: UK: Cordon designed for chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear incidents deployed by Metropolitan Police at protest by public sector workers (December 2011)

No 24/11: European Court rules against German authorities' pre-emptive arrest of demonstrators prior to 2007 Heiligendamm G8 Summit (November 2011)

No 23/11: Another EU database for migrants: the European Criminal Records Information System on Third-Country Nationals (November 2011)

No 22/11: The Moroccan and Spanish law enforcement agencies are complicit in the violence against migrants (November 2011)

No 21/11: Criticism of the law on immigration, integration and nationality of 16 July 2011 (November 2011)

No 20/11:
Legal complaint lodged against the French firm AMESYS of complicity in acts of torture perpetrated by the Gaddafi regime in Libya (October 2011)

No 19/11: Commission fails to refer measures on the introduction of body scanners to the European Data Protection Supervisor (October 2011)

No 18/11: Italy: Civil court orders transport and defence ministries to pay damages to Ustica victims' relatives, collateral victims of undeclared warfare in the Mediterranean (September 2011)

No 17/11: Sarkozy plans the opening of an additional 30,000 prison places by 2017 (August 2011)

No 16/11: European Forensic Science Area (August 2011)

No 15/11: EU: Small steps to big brother: the development of the Visa Information System and the Schengen Information System II is back on track (August 2011)

No 14/11: Spain: Network of associations publishes in-depth report on torture (July 2011)

No 13/11: ECRE recommendations to the forthcoming Polish Presidency: Call for a harmonised and upgraded Common European Asylum System (July 2011)

No 12/11: UK: All-seeing, all-knowing: the proposal for a National Crime Agency (June 2011)

No 11/11: Member State concerns arise over the development of the European Police Records Index System (EPRIS) - New systems, old problems (June 2011)

No 10/11: EU: Welcome to the new world of the interception of telecommunications (May 2011)

No 9/11: Italy cleared of human rights violations in ECtHR ruling on Giuliani G8 shooting (April 2011)

No 8/11: UK: Public space in Westminster - not for the homeless (April 2011)

No 7/11: Frontex, Italy and North Africa (March 2011)

No 6/11: UK: Protection of Freedoms Bill provides long-awaited reform of Labour's data retention regime (March 2011)

No 5/11: Spain: ECRI report on racism and intolerance (February 2011)

No 4/11: EU-PNR: UK seeking to extend Commission proposal to cover intra-EU flights from the start (February 2011)

No 3/11: UK: Control orders remain in all but name as Lib Dems renege on manifesto pledges (January 2011)

No 2/11:
UK: Section 44 stop and search powers to be amended and reintroduced (January 2011)

No 1/11: Italy: Quota for migrant workers to be allowed into Italy issued (January 2011)

[1] See Regulation (EU) No 1168/2011 of 25 October 2011 amending Council Regulation (EC) No 2007/2004 establishing a European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders of the Member States of the European Union

Volume 12 (2010)
No 35/10: The EU Justice and Home Affairs agenda in 2011 (December 2010)

No 34/10: Case Law Summary: EU access to documents Regulation (December 2010)

No 33/10: Guide to EU decision-making and justice and home affairs after the Lisbon Treaty (December 2010)

No 32/10: EU: Extending EU long-term resident status to refugees and persons with subsidiary protection status (December 2010)

No 31/10: EU: The new Directive on trafficking in persons (December 2010)

No 30/10: EU: Update The Proposed European Investigation Order

No 29/10: The UK's European Union Bill (November 2010)

No 28/10: First thoughts on the EU’s Internal Security Strategy (November 2010)

No 27/10: UK: Will the imprisonment of children at Yarl’s Wood end? (November 2010)

No 26/10: EU Security at international summits: not for protesters (November 2010)

No 25/10: UK: “Speculative invoicing” schemes target internet filesharers and individuals accused of minor retail crime (November 2010)

No 24/10: France Collective expulsions of Roma people undermines EU’s founding principles (November 2010)

No 23/10: Briefing: New challenges - old problems: Commission proposals on revising the 1995 Data Protection Directive (October 2010)

No 22/10: Briefing: ID Cards in the EU: Current state of play (July 2010)

No 21/10: The Droning of the Drones: The increasingly advanced technology of surveillance and control (July 2010)

No 20/10: UK: The Misuse of Section 44 stop and search powers continues despite European Court ruling (July 2010)

No 19/10: UK: Rolling back the authoritarian state? An analysis of the coalition government’s commitment to civil liberties (June 2010)

No 18/10: The Federal Republic’s security services from the Cold War to the “new security architecture” (June 2010)

No 17/10: The internal and external fronts: security package and returns to Libya (June 2010)

No 16/10: UK: Shock and anger at the violent policing tactics used at the G8 Summit (June 2010)

No 15/10: Italy: Shocking death spotlights prisoners’ plight (June 2010)

No 14/10: UK Government’s “clumsy, indiscriminate and disproportionate” approach to DNA retention (June 2010)

No 13/10: Intensive surveillance of “violent radicalisation” extended to embrace suspected “radicals” from across the political spectrum: Targets include: “Extreme right/left, Islamist, nationalist, anti-globalisation etc” (May 2010)

No 12/10: The proposed European Investigation Order: Assault on human rights and national sovereignty (May 2010)

No 11/10: UK: New coalition government pledges to “reverse the substantial erosion of civil liberties and rollback state intrusion” (May 2010)

No 10/10: Commission: Action Plan on the Stockholm Programme: A bit more freedom and justice and a lot more security (April 2010)

No 9/10: Briefing: European Commission: Action Plan on the Stockholm Programme (April 2010)

No 8/10: The right to protest: “Troublemakers” and “travelling violent offenders [undefined] to be recorded on database and targeted (April 2010)

No 7/10: EU proposals to increase the financial transparency of charities and non-profit organisations (April 2010)

No 6/10: Briefing: Hearing: Protection of Personal Data in Transatlantic Security Cooperation SWIFT, PNR & Co - which way forward? (April 2010)

No 5/10: Briefing: Surveillance of the sea external borders with the involvement of Frontex (March 2010)

No 4/10: Internal Security Strategy & the Standing Committee on Internal Security (COSI) (February 2010)

No 3/10: Germany: A network being networked: the Federal Criminal Police Office databases (February 2010)

No 2/10: Homeland Security comes to Europe (February 2010)

No 1/10: Briefing: Internal Security Strategy for the European Union (January 2010)

Volume 11 (2009)

No 25/09:
The ‘Third Pillar acquis’ after the Treaty of Lisbon enters into force (December 2009)

No 24/09: Italy: Open-ended emergencies: deployment of soldiers in cities and summary treatment for Roma people (November 2009)

No 23/09: The “Third Pillar acquis” after the Treaty of Lisbon enters into force (November 2009)

No 22/09: Can the Treaty of Lisbon be denounced after it enters into force? (November 2009)

No 21/09: EU Lisbon Treaty Analysis no. 4: British and Irish opt-outs from EU Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) law (November 2009)

No 20/09: The EU’s JHA agenda after the Irish referendum(October 2009)

No 19/09: European Parliament:Abolish 1st [and 2nd] reading secret deals - bring back democracy (September 2009)

No 18/09: EU agrees rules for remote computer access by police forces (September 2009)

No 17/09: The EU’s JHA agenda under the Swedish Presidency (July 2009)

No 16/09: Statewatch wins European Ombudsman complaint against the Commission over its public register of documents – but it refuses to comply (June 2009)

No 15/09: Iraq: The forgotten casualties of the war (June 2009)

No 14/09: EU Lisbon Treaty: Analysis no 4: UK and Irish opt-outs from EU Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) (June 2009)

No 13/09: Border wars and asylum crimes (May 2009)

No 12/09: EU: The EU’s JHA agenda after the EP elections (May 2009)

No 11/09:GERMANY: Germany: Permanent state of pre-emption (April 2009)

No 10/09: EU: EU agrees US demands to re-write data protection agreement: (April 2009)

No 9/09: ITALY: Italy: Making sense of the Genoa G8 trials and aftermath (March 2009)

No 8/09: UPDATE: “Terrorist" lists: monitoring proscription, designation and asset-freezing (March 2009)

No 7/09: EU: European Parliament report on the Regulation on public access to EU documents (March 2009)

No 6/09: EU: The proposed Framework Decision on conflict of jurisdiction in criminal proceedings: Manipulating the right to a fair trial? (March 2009)

No 5/09: EU: European Parliament report on the Regulation on public access to EU documents (March 2009)

No 4/09: EU: The “digital tsunami” and the EU surveillance state (March 2009)

No 3/09: WoT: On the targeting of activists in the “war on terror" (February 2009)

No 2/09: UK: Media freedoms in the UK curtailed by police “culture of suspicion” and double standards (February 2009)

No 1/09: EU: Statewatch "wins" complaint against the European Commission on public register of documents (January 2009)

Volume 10 (2008)

No 20/08: The EU's JHA agenda for 2009 (December 2008)

No 19/08: The UK proposals on EU free movement law: an attack on the rule of law and EU fundamental freedoms (November 2008)

No 18/08: Proposals for greater openness, transparency and democracy in the EU (October 2008)

No 17/08: EU-PNR scheme being re-written by the Council (October 2008)

No 16/08: FOI in the EU: When is a "document" not a "document"? (September 2008)

No 15/08: "The Shape of Things to Come" - the EU Future Group (September 2008)

No 14/08: EU implementation of UN Security Council's 'terrorist list' breaches fundamental rights (September 2008)

No 13/08: EU: The surveillance of travel where everyone is a suspect (August 2008)

No 12/08: Changing the institutional framework for EU Justice and Home Affairs law without the Lisbon Treaty (July 2008)

No 11/08:Proposal on access to documents: Article-by-Article commentary (June, 2008)

No 10/08: Updated Analysis: The Returns Directive (June 2008)

No 9/08: The proposed changes to the Regulation on access to EU documents (April 2008)

No 8/08: Protests: Proposal to create EU-wide "troublemakers" database (April 2008)

No 7/08: Policing protests in Switzerland, Italy and Germany (March 2008)

No 6/08: "White man's burden": criminalising free speech (April 2008)

No 5/08: Supplementary Analysis on the Returns Directive (March 2008)

No 4/08: EU-SIS: Schengen Infornation System Article 99 report (February 2008)

No 3/08: Germany: Second generation migrants (March 2008)

No 2/08: UK: Interception figures and background: 1937-2007 (February 2008; updated September 2008)

No 1/08: The Proposed EU Returns Directive (January 2008)

Volume 9 (2007)
No 17/07:
Heiligendamm G8 Summit: a chronology of protest and represssion (November 2007)

No 16/07: UK: Criminal justice and immigration bill 2007 (November 2007)

No 15/07: Statewatch complaint against the European Commission lodged with the European Ombudsman in 2006 (November 2007)

No 14/07: Proposed expansion of EU terrorism law a threat to freedom of expression (November 2007)

No 13/07: Secret trilogues and the democratic deficit (September 2007)

No 12/07: EU-USA Agreement on the exchange of classified information (September 2007)

No 11/07: Italy: Law reforms intelligence services (September 2007)

No 10/07: Spain: Report reveals catalogue of abuses, highlighting the “persistence of ill-treatment and torture” (August 2007)

No 9/07: “Terrorist lists” still above the law (August 2007)

No 8/07: EU: European Commission to propose EU PNR travel surveillance system (July 2007)

No 7/07:
Mandatory retention of telecommunications traffic data to be "nodded" through in the UK (May 2007)

No 6/07: Rights for Criminal Suspects and EU law (April 2007)

No 5/07: The Revised Data Protection Framework Decision (April 2007)

No 4/07:
The original EU Directive on return expulsion (April 2007)

No 3/07: Revising the proposed EU Expulsion Directive (April 2007)

No 2/07: The dream of total data collection - status quo and future plans for EU information systems (February 2007)

No 01/07: Europol - The final step in the creation of an “Investigative and Operational” European Police Force (January 2007)

During the year Statewatch published many Analyses of the EU Constitution/Lisbon Treaty: Observatory

Volume 8 (2006)

No 14/06: The “principle of availability” (December 2006)

No 13/06: EU data protection in police and judicial cooperation matters: Rights of suspects and defendants under attack by law enforcement demands (October 2006)

No 12/06: Schengen Information System (SIS) II - legislation agreed (October 2006)

No 11/06: Detection technologies and democracy (September 2006)

No 10/06: EU: Fingerprinting of children - the debate goes on (August 2006)

No 9/06: EU states will be free to fingerprint children from day one of their life as soon as it is technologically possible (July 2006)

No 8/06: Summary - Schengen Information System II (June 2006)

No 7/06: Openness and transparency in the Council (June 2006)

No 6/06: On the alleged use of European countries by the CIA for the transportation and illegal detention of prisoners (May 2006)

No 5/06: Transferring the Third Pillar (May 2006)

No 4/06: Arming Big Brother: new research reveals the true costs of Europe's security-industrial complex (April 2006)

No 3/06: Viewpoint: Our freedom, their labour: a tradesmans entrance for Fortress Europe (March 2006)

No 2/06: On the alleged use of European countries by the CIA for the transportation and illegal detention of prisoners (March 2006)

No 1/06: The EU's Police Chief Task Force (PCTF) and Police Chiefs Committee (March 2006)

Volume 7 (2005)

No 31/05:
"Unaccountable Europe" (December 2005)

No 30/05:
The European Parliament and data retention: Chronicle of a ‘sell-out’ foretold? (December 2005)

No 29/05: Viewpoint:
More openness or just a drop in the ocean? The need for FOI in the EU (December 2005)

No 28/05:
The right to know or the right to try and find out? The need for an EU freedom of information law (November 2005)

No 27/05:
Spanish anti-terrorist policy, with the wind blowing in its favour (November 2005)

No 26/05:
Telephone tapping and mail-opening figures 1937- 2004 (November 2005)

No 25/05:
Annotated guide to the issues and documentation on mandatory data retention in the EU (October 2005)

No 24/ZZ:
The right to know or the right to try and find out? The need for an EU freedom of information law (September 2005)

No 23/05:
EU: COSI - Standing Committee on Internal Security rescued from the debris of the EU Constitution (September 2005)

No 22/05:
Italy: Tough new anti-terrorist laws adopted (August 2005)

No 21/05:
Call for mandatory data retention of all telecommunications (July 2005)

No 20/05:
The exceptional and draconian become the norm (Revised, July 2005)

No 19/05:
Revising EU border control rules: A missed opportunity? (July 2005)

No 18/05:
Legislative proposals on SIS II (June 2005)

No 17/05:
SIS II fait accompli? Construction of EU's Big Brother database underway (May 2005)

No 16/05:
From the Schengen Information System to SIS II and the Visa Information (VIS): the proposals explained (May 2005)

No 15/05:
Journalism, civil liberties and the war on terrorism (May 2005)

No 14/05:
EU-SIS: Three-quarters of a million "illegal aliens" banned from Schengen area (April 2005)

No 13/05:
UK: Stop & search: Ethnic injustice continues unabated (April 2005)

No 12/05:
Global coalition launch report and international surveillance campaign (April 2005)

In October 2005 Statewatch also published a series of "Essays" including:

No 11/05: While Europe sleeps: under the "war on terrorism" a veneer of democracy is legitimating the creation of a coercive (and surveillance) state

No 10/05: There is no “balance” between security and civil liberties – just less of each

No 9/05: “The Rules of the Game”?

No 8/05: The “War on Terror”: lessons from Ireland

No 7/05: Why Terror and Tolerance are the Greatest Test of Modern Journalism

No 6/05: Lex Vigilatoria – Towards a control system without a state?

No 5/05: Checking and balancing polity-building in the European Union

No 4/05: Lampedusa - a test case for the subcontracting of EU border controls

No 3/05: The state of ASBO Britain - the rise of intolerance

No 2/05: EU law and family reunion: a human rights critique

No 1/05: “Speech crime” and deportation

Volume 6 (2004)

No 20/04: EU biometric visa policy unworkable (December 2004)

No 19/04: Vetoes, Opt-outs and EU Immigration and Asylum law (December 2004)

No 18/04: EU: Compulsory fingerprinting for all passports (October 2004)

No 17/04: Timetable: March 2004 EU Anti-Terrorist Declaration (September 2004)

No 16/04: EU divided over list of "safe countries of origin" - the list should be scrapped (September 2004)

No 15/04: UK: Stop and search continues to target black and Asian people (August 2004)

No 14/04: UK: Telephone tapping and mail-opening figures 1937-2003 (July 2004)

No 13/04: Killing me softly? “Improving access to durable solutions”: doublespeak and the dismantling of refugee protection in the EU (July 2004)

No 12/04: Implementing the Amsterdam Treaty: Cementing Fortress Europe (June 2004)

No 11/04: Vetoes, Opt-outs and EU Immigration and Asylum law (June 2004)

No 10/04: Norway: All charges dropped against Krekar (June 2004)

No 9/04: Timetable: EU Anti-Terrorist Declaration, 25 March 2004 (June 2004)

No 8/04: Data retention comes to roost - telephone and internet privacy to be abolished (April 2004)

No 7/04: “Scoreboard” on post-Madrid counter-terrorism plans (March 2004)

No 6/04: Briefing on the European Evidence Warrant to the European Parliament (March 2004)

No 5/04: European Commission publishes Action Plan on terrorism (and crime) (March 2004)

No 4/04: The road to "1984" Part 2: EU: Everyone will have to have their fingerprints taken to get a passport (February 2004)

No 3/04: Italy: New drugs law heralds the mass criminalisation of drug users (Feburary 2004)

No 2/04: UK Anti-terrorist stop & searches target Muslim communities, but few arrests (January 2004)

No 1/04: UK: Britain's Patriot Act (January 2004)

Volume 5 (2003)

No 42/03: Statewatch evidence to the International Development Committee inquiry into "Migration and Development":
November 2003

No 41/03: Supplementary evidence: "Irregular Immigration and EU External Relations" to the International Development Committee inquiry into "Migration and Development", November 2003

No 40/03: Guantanamo Bay: The legal black hole: Twenty-Seventh F.A. Mann Lecture: 25 November 2003 By Johan Steyn [Lord Steyn is a judicial member of the House of Lords - the UK's supreme court]: Lecture (html) Lecture (pdf version)

No 39/03: Statewatch analysis: Cover-up! Proposed Regulation on European Border Guard hides unaccountable, operational bodies: Analysis and documentation November 2003

No 38/03: EU law on asylum procedures: An assault on human rights? November 2003

No 37/03: EU: Statewatch submission to the EU Network of Independent Experts on fundamental rights raises 22 major civil liberties concerns: Statewatch submission, October 2000

No 36/03: Digital Government in the European Union: Freedom of Information Trumped by “Internal Security” by Deirdre Curtin (with thanks to the Campbell Public Affairs Institute), October 2003

No 35/03: Further evidence on proposed Directive on aircraft passenger data: October 2003

No 34/03: IGC Launch: European NGOs Publish Concerns Over Justice and Home Affairs and Fundamental Rights Provisions in Draft Constitution: Press release and submission, October 2003

No 33/03: UK: Special Branch more than doubles in size, September 2003

No 32/03: EU: The story of the Tampere Summit - an undemocratic process excluding civil society: Statewatch briefing, September 2003

No 31/03: UK: Data retention and access consultation farce, September 2003

No 30/03: EU: Evidence on proposed Directive on aircraft passenger data: Evidence to the Select Committee on the European Union, sub-committee "F": Proposed Directive on aircraft passenger data: September 2003

No 29/03: Biometrics - the EU takes another step down the road to 1984, September 2003

No 28/03: EU: "Migration, development and the EU security agenda" paper by Ben Hayes & Tony Bunyan: Paper, September 2003

No 27/03: Annotated text of EU Constitution, August 2003

No 26/03: EU Constitution and Justice and Home Affairs: the accountability gap, August 2003

No 25/03: Leaving a 'Stain Upon the Silence' : critical criminology and the politics of dissent: Paper by Paddy Hillyard, Joe Sim, Steve Tombs and Dave Whyte: Paper, August 2003

No 24/03: "Counter-terrorism", Human Security and Globalisation - from Welfare to Warfare State? Paper by Jude McCulloch: Paper, August 2003

No 23/03: "The war on terror and the suppression of dissent" paper by Reece Walters: Paper, August 2003

No 22/03: "Streets of Terror: Marginalisation, criminalisation and authoritarian renewal" paper by Phil Scraton: Paper, August 2003

No 21/03: EU proposal that police officers and immgration officials in plainclothes drive unmarked police cars across the EU to deport migrants, August 2003

No 20/03: EU: Plan to put protestors under surveillance and deny entry to suspected troublemakers, August 2003

No 19/03: Losing the “war on drugs”: Crisis and contradiction in international policy, August 2003

No 18/03: UK-USA: New UK-USA Extradition Treaty
, July 2003 (post 11 September 2001 analysis, no 18)

No 17/03: EU: The European arrest warrant from the perspective of a German defence attorney, July 2003

No 16/03: EU-USA: Analysis of EU-USA agreements on extradition and mutual cooperation on judicial matters with full documentation, June 2003

No 15/03: EU: Annual reports on access to documents - still a very long way to go, June 2003

No 14/03: Readmission agreements and EC external migration law, May 2003 (post 11 September 2001 analysis)

No 13/03: EU: Development of a European Border Guard, May 2003

No 12/03: The creation of an EU Interior Ministry - the maintenance of internal security, April 2003 (post 11 September 2001 analysis)

No 11/03: UK: The worst law yet: the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002, April 2003

No 10/03: EU: Transparency in the European Union still problematic, April 2003

No 9/03: Convention on the Future of Europe: Joint suggested amendments to the draft constitutional articles on democratic life by Statewatch and the Standing Committee of experts in international immigration, refugee and criminal law (Utrecht): April 2003 (pdf)

No 8/03: EU: Exchanging information on terrorists or protestors? April 2003

No 7/03: Convention on Future of Europe: 'freedom, security and justice', House of Commons, European Scrutiny Committee, March 2003

No 6/03: Convention on the Future of Europe: Joint submission Statewatch and the Standing Committee of experts in international immigration, refugee and criminal law (Utrecht) on justice and home affairs: March 2003

No 5/03: EU-UK: Asylum in the EU: the beginning of the end? Analysis of UK's "safe haven proposals, March 2003

No 4/03: EU Accession Treaty (enlargement): i) Analysis and ii) Full-text documentation, February 2003

No 3/03: EU: Analysis of Working Party report on passenger data access by USA, February 2003

No 2/03: UK: Surveillance of communications goes through the roof, January 2003

No 1/03: EU: Majority of governments introducing data retention of communications, January 2003

Volume 4 (2002)

No 19/2002: Supplementary Agreement between Europol and United States, December 2002

No 18/2002: Revised proposed Directive on asylum procedures, November 2002

No 17/2002: EU: “safe and dignified”, voluntary or “forced” repatriation to “safe” third countries, November 2002

No 16/2002: The future of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, October 2002

No 15/2002: Proposals to amend the Europol Convention, October 2002

No 14/2002: The "war on freedom and democracy", an essay by Tony Bunyan, September 2002 (post 11 September 2001 analysis)

No 13/2002: Immigration and asylum in the EU after 11 September 2001, September 2002 (post 11 September 2001 analysis)

No 12/2002: Europol-USA exchange of personal data, November 2002 (post 11 September 2001 analysis)

No 11/2002: EU surveillance of communications to be "mandatory", August 2002 (post 11 September 2001 analysis)

No 10/2002: Secret EU-US agreement being negotiated, August 2002 (post 11 September 2001 analysis)

No 9/2002: Northern Ireland: Inside Castlereagh: Files stolen from Special Branch HQ, June 2002

No 8/2002: European Commission: EU Border Control Communication, May 2002

No 7/2002: Commission Communication on illegal immigration; Commission Green Paper on Return; EU Action Plan on Illegal Immigration, April 2002

No 6/2002: Commission White Paper on Governance, March 2002 (submission to European Commission, pdf file)

No 5/2002: Refugee status and susbidiary protection, March 2002

No 4/2002: EU terrorism situation report: "Anarchists are terrorists", February 2002 (post 11 September 2001 analysis)

No 2/2002: Asylum and "safeguarding national security" post 11 September, February 2002 (post 11 September 2001 analysis)

No 2/2002: US-EU Bush letter, February 2002 (post 11 September 2001 analysis)

No 1/2002: New EU measure on terrorism criminalises all refugees and asylum seekers, January 2002 (post 11 September 2001 analysis)

Volume 3 (2001)

No 12/2001: Proposed framework decision to combat terrorism, November 2001

No 11/2001: Democracy and accountability in the EU and the role of national parliaments - House of Commons European Scrutiny Committee: October 2001

No 10/2001: EU "Conclusions" on counter-terrorism, October 2001 (post 11 September 2001 analysis)

No 9/2001: The European arrest warrant, October 2001 (post 11 September 2001 analysis)

No 8/2001: Analysis of legislative measures, October 2001 (post 11 September 2001 analysis)

No 7/2001: Analysis of "operational" measures, October 2001 (post 11 September 2001 analysis)

No 6/2001: EU definition of terrorism, September 2001 (post 11 September 2001 analysis)

No 5/2001: "The enemy within": plans to put protests under surveillance, August 2001 (post 11 September 2001 analysis)

No 4/2001: Status of long-term resident third-country nationals: June 2001

No 3/2001: Draft Council Decision concerning the adoption of Council Security Regulations, February 2001

No 2/2001: Proposed Directive on asylum procedures, February 2001

No 1/2001: Commission communication on an EU immigration policy, February 2001

Volume 2 (2000)

No 8/00: Proposed second EU Convention on mutual assistance in criminal matters, October 2000

No 7/00: Proposed Framework Decision on money laundering and the proceeds of crime, October 2000

No 6/00: Proposed Resolution on (the exchange of) DNA analysis results, October 2000

No 5/00: The "Solana Decision" amending the code of public access to EU documents, September 2000

No 4/00: Proposed Regulation on public access to EU Documents, May 2000 including amendments suggested by Statewatch

No 3/00: Financial Intelligence Units, April 2000

No 2/00: Draft Convention on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters, February 2000

No 1/00: Charter of Fundamental Rights, February 2000

Volume 1 (1999)

No 6/99: EU Databases (SIS, Europol, CIS, Eurodac): Vol 1 no 6

No 5/99: Protocol extending the scope of the Eurodac Convention: Vol 1 no 5

No 4/99: Data protection: Vol 1 no 4

No 3/99: Comitology procedures: Vol 1 no 3

No 2/99: Draft Convention on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters (Articles on Interception of Telecommunications): Vol 1 no 2

No 1/99: Scrutiny of the third pillar: Vol 1 no 1

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