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News digest: 14 May 2013

ALBANIA: OSCE launches Albania election monitoring mission (Balkan Insight): "The long-term observer mission from the OSCE’s Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights will monitor the election campaign ahead of parliamentary polls next month"

AUSTRIA: Police chief on trial for murder (Austrian Times): " The public prosecutor’s office of Ried/Innkreis, Upper Austria, brought murder charges against the former police chief of Guatemala. The man, who lived in the region of Innviertel for years, is accused of the murder of seven opponents"

AUSTRIA: Roma kids allegations (Austrian Times): " The department of city councillor Christian Oxonitsch gets no peace: the head of the youth welfare, which is part of the magistrate 11, provoked a debate about minors from abroad in an interview in the newspaper "Der Standard""

BALKANS: Extremists exploit poverty, youth in recruiting efforts (SETimes.com): "Extremist organisations in the Balkans are using a variety of factors to exploit poverty and youth in the effort to attract new members"

BALKANS: Regional meetings strengthen co-operation against corruption, crime (SETimes.com): "Regional-level meetings and discussions are providing a necessary tool in the fight against crime and corruption in Southeast Europe"

BELGIUM: Will Chinese family be expelled from Belgium? (Expatica): "A Chinese family from Hofstade in Zemst (Flemish Brabant) has triggered the emergency procedure to stop their expulsion from Belgium and expects to hear their fate on Monday"

Bulgaria election: Resisting the radicals (BBC News): "Since a wave of protests brought down the government of Boiko Borisov in February this year smaller, more nationalistic parties have gained from Bulgaria's power vacuum and popular disgruntlement"

BULGARIA: Poverty in Bulgaria drives more to make ultimate sacrifice (BBC News): "In Bulgaria, six people have burned themselves alive in protest at worsening poverty levels since the start of the year. Ahead of parliamentary elections this weekend, the BBC's Tom Esslemont meets some of those affected"

BULGARIA: Wiretapping scandal hijacks election campaign in Bulgaria (SETimes.com): "The results of Bulgaria's upcoming early parliamentary elections have become even more unpredictable after citizens' attention has been turned towards a sensational scandal involving illegal wiretapping of the country's top politicians, analysts said." See also: Bulgaria prosecutors confirm interrogation of ex-PM (Balkan Insight)

Bulgarian border police detain 17 illegal immigrants (Novinite): "Bulgarian border police at the border crossing point in Vidin has detected 15 Somalis and two Afghanistan nationals hidden in a truck"

CROATIA: Croatia readies border contracts with neighbours (Balkan Insight): "Bosnia, Montenegro and Serbia are due to agree new bilateral border agreements with Croatia as the country prepares to join the EU on July 1"

CZECH REPUBLIC: Agroplast manager acquitted of arms smuggling (Prague Daily Monitor): "The court Tuesday acquitted for the third time Czech Agroplast manager Petr Pernicka, of arms smuggling as it was not proven that Pernicka really committed the delict, judge Martin Omelka has said"

CZECH REPUBLIC: Prague Marathon will have heightened security (Prague Daily Monitor): "Security measures to accompany the annual Prague Marathon on Sunday will be tougher than in the past years in view of the recent terrorist attack on the marathon in Boston, the USA, daily Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD) writes yesterday, citing the City Hall and police representatives"

DENMARK: Bødskov increasingly isolated over controversial freedom of information act (The Copenhagen Post): "An increasing number of current and former members of the political parties that are supporting the proposed freedom of information act (offentlighedslov) are voicing their discontent to the justice minister, Morten Bødskov (Socialdemokraterne)."

DENMARK: Former minister denies responsibility in stateless scandal (The Copenhagen Post): "Minister and civil servants blame each other for illegally denying citizenship to stateless Palestinians"

DENMARK: Government proposes changes to controversial ghetto list (The Copenhagen Post): "Two new categories added and one downplayed in annual compilation of troubled housing areas"

DENMARK: Hate crime study ordered by government (The Copenhagen Post): "The government wants to better understand the scope of hate crimes in Denmark so that it can create more effective and targeted initiatives to tackle the issue"

EU: CoE human rights commssioner warns of racial hatred across Europe, including Greece (Ekathimerini): "The Council of Europe’s Commissioner for Human Rights Nils Muiznieks has expressed concern about the worrying rise of race-hate groups across Europe, including in Greece"

EU: Commission proposes the signature of the Arms Trade Treaty (Europa, press release): "The European Commission has today proposed a Council decision authorising EU Member States to sign the treaty on the international trade in conventional weapons, the so-called Arms Trade Treaty (ATT)." See: Analysis: The Arms Trade Treaty: A historic and momentous failure (Ceasefire)

EU: Economist report sees democracy under siege (index): "The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) recently released the Democracy Index for 2012, and it paints a bleak picture of where we are with democracy around the world today. 'There has been a decline in some aspects of governance, political participation, and media freedoms, and a clear deterioration in attitudes associated with, or conducive to, democracy in many countries, including in Europe.'"

EU: European Council adopts 'two-pack,' including closer fiscal surveillance (Ekathimerini): "The European Council adopted on Monday the so-called «two-pack» of fiscal regulations aimed at further improving economic governance and coordination in the eurozone." See: ‘Two-Pack’ completes budgetary surveillance cycle for euro area and further improves economic governance (Europa, press release) and Kick 'em all out? Anti-politics and post-democracy in the European Union by Leigh Phillips in Statewatch Journal, volume 23 number 1

EU: German MEP backs Serbia start date (Balkan Insight): "A German member of the European Parliament has called on EU to grant Serbia a date for the start of EU accession talks"

EU: On the struggle to keep weaponised drones out of Europe (Truthout): "Organized opposition to weaponized combat drones in Europe is rising, with an effective halt to drone proliferation perhaps more likely in Europe than in the US"

EU-UK: Tories to publish details of draft EU referendum bill (BBC News): "The Conservatives are to publish a draft parliamentary bill for an in-out referendum on the UK's European Union membership, in an effort to head off growing anger among the party's MPs"

FRANCE: Topless Femen crash far-right rally in Paris (France 24): "A group of women belonging to the topless, Ukrainian-born Femen movement on Sunday interrupted a Joan of Arc commemoration which had been organised by far-right groups in central Paris"

German youth prisons marred by violence (Deutsche Welle): "A new study shows that young offenders held behind bars in Germany rarely serve their sentences without getting involved in violence. Although alternatives are expensive, they may pay off in the long run"

Germany criticised for late push on war criminals (Spiegel Online): "Last week's arrest of a 93-year-old on suspicion of abetting murder as a guard at Auschwitz is part of a late push by German authorities to bring lower-ranking Nazi helpers to justice. Legal experts say they should have -- and could have -- done so decades ago." See also: Did Germany cover up a decades-old Nazi list? (Deutsche Welle)

GERMANY: Berlin approves huge tank deal with Indonesia (Spiegel Online): "In recent years, Chancellor Angela Merkel's government has significantly expanded German arms exports abroad, often to countries with questionable human rights records. Now Berlin has approved a deal to export over 100 tanks to Indonesia"

GERMANY: Berlin sharpens focus on right-wing extremism (Spiegel Online): "The German government has been under fire ever since a murderous far-right terror cell was uncovered in 2011. Now, Chancellor Merkel's justice minister has proposed the establishment of a commission to coordinate the battle against extremism in the country"

GERMANY: Düsseldorf opera with Nazi motifs taken off stage (Deutsche Welle): " A major German opera house has pulled a contentious opera ahead of its second planned showing. The adaptation of Wagner's Tannhäuser featured graphic Nazi imagery and prompted public protests on opening night"

GERMANY: Extremist security guards pose growing risk (Spiegel Online): "The number of employees at German security firms with ties to neo-Nazis is on the rise, posing a risk to public safety. For the time being, background checks on applicants in the sector are woefully inadequate. But calls for tighter controls are getting louder." See also: Amazon's former private security firm with neo-Nazi employees is one of many, say reports (Statewatch News online, February 2013)

GERMANY: Turkey's media has a watchful eye on NSU trial (Deutsche Welle): "Turkish media closely watched the opening of the NSU trial in Munich on Monday. Newspapers describe the feelings of the victims' families and the main defendant's attitude in court"

Global coalition of NGOs call to investigate & disable FinFisher’s espionage equipment in Pakistan (Digital Rights Foundation): "This is a Bolo Bhi & Digital Rights Foundation’s open call for support for national and international human rights organizations against espionage and surveillance in Pakistan." See: Citizen Lab: For their eyes only: The commercialisation of digital spying (pdf)

Greece seeks war reparations from Germany (BBC News, video): "The Greek government has compiled a document demanding war reparations from Germany. The contents are classified, but based on previous reports, Athens may request as much as 162bn euros for damages and a loan that the Nazis took during their occupation." See also: The war claims dividing Greece and Germany

Greece to receive over 86 million euros from EU funds for tackling illegal immigration (Ekathimerini): "Greece is poised to receive over 86 million euros for curbing illegal immigration, Cecilia Malmstrom, European Commissioner for Home Affairs, said on Wednesday. The Swedish commissioner was responding to an European Parliament question by New Democracy Euro-MP Giorgos Papanikolaou"

GREECE: Athens Mayor files suit against Golden Dawn MP (Ekathimerini): "Athens Mayor Giorgos Kaminis pressed charges against extreme right Golden Dawn MP Giorgos Germenis on Wednesday"

GREECE: As gov't issues civil mobilization orders, teachers plan legal action [UPDATE] (Ekathimerini): "As the government on Monday started issuing civil mobilization orders to secondary school teachers who have called a strike for May 17, the first day of university entrance examinations, the union representing them OLME appeared likely to answer with legal action." See: Teachers call for union support after government bans strike during exams

GREECE: Brutal Athens attack scars teen (Greek Reporter): "A 14-year-old Afghan youth said he was beaten in Athens and doctors at Medecins du Monde (MDM) a health care volunteer group, said they treated him for serious injuries, including to his face"

GREECE: Despite warning on violence, Greece won't ban Golden Dawn (SETimes.com): "Although Greece's government has said it will not ban the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, the Council of Europe's commissioner for human rights said there is enough evidence of the party's support for violence to outlaw the group"

GREECE: Greek police cite Golden Dawn assaults (Greek Reporter): "nazis griegosAs the Greek government retreats from a proposal that would rein the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party that has 18 seats in Parliament, the police – often said to be aligned with the extremists – are so worried about growing violence blamed on the far-rightists that they’re calling for a “re-evaluation of security needs” in the country." See also: Far-right assaults focus of secret police document (Ekathimerini)

GREECE: Gov't freezes anti-racism bill for 'reassessment' (Ekathimerini): "An anti-racism bill aimed at reining in the ultra-right Golden Dawn by banning from politics MPs found to have been involved in racist violence will be "reassessed" before its submission to Parliament, Justice Minister Antonis Roupakiotis said on Friday." See also: Racism bill targets Nazi imagery, salutes in Parliament

GREECE: Injuries and arrests following new clashes at Skouries gold mine (Ekathimerini): "At least eight people suffered minor injuries and three people were arrested during another day of tension between protesters and police at the Skouries gold mine in Halkidiki, northern Greece." See also: Police break up fresh mine protest in northern Greece (Ekathimerini) and Police riot officer shot at Skouries (Greek Reporter)

GREECE: Mother of Greek murdered by racists seeks justice (Greek Reporter): "On 15th June 2005, the sad news of the murder of 41-year-old Theodoros Voulgaridis, immigrant in Germany, and father of two, reached his small village Triantafyllia of Serres, Greece"

GREECE: Security cameras for Greek monuments (Greek Reporter): "The Hellenic Data Protection Authority has approved the installation of security cameras at public monuments to protect them from acts of vandalism or the possibility of theft"

HUNGARY: Far-left party removes “communist” from name in wake of red star ban (Politics.hu): "The non-parliamentary Hungarian Communist Workers’ Party has renamed itself the Hungarian Workers’ Party, the organisation told MTI on Sunday"

HUNGARY: Fidesz MEPs accuse EP committee of trying to “colonize Hungary” with report (includes document) (Politics.hu): "Fidesz MEPs on Tuesday slammed a draft report issued by a European parliamentary committee which suggested possible grounds for setting in motion the “nuclear option” of Article 7 against Hungary"

HUNGARY: Nine Roma get jail time for “crimes against the nation” after attack on Jobbik (Politics.hu): "A Miskolc court on Thursday handed down prison terms ranging from two and half to four years to nine Roma people from Sajóbábony, Borsod County, finding them guilty of “crimes against the nation”"

HUNGARY: Transparency Int’l welcomes Áder’s “veto” of law restricting public information (Politics.hu): "Transparency International has welcomed President János Áder’s action in sending back, for further consideration by parliament, the draft law on restricting access to public information." See also: Áder kicks back law restricting freedom of information to Parliament (Politics.hu) and Hungary: government closing down freedom of information (Transparency International)

ICELAND: Homeless seek shelter in prison cells (The Reyjavík Grapevine): " Five people sought overnight shelter in police prison cells in the capital area last night because they had no other place to go, Vísir reports"

IRELAND: 300,000 Irish people emigrate in four years (BBC News): "More than a quarter of all Irish households have seen a close family member emigrate in the last two years, according to the latest figures"

IRELAND: Gardaí investigate if TD assistant removed ‘thousands’ of newspapers from shops (The Journal): "Gardaí are investigating claims that a TD’s assistant removed ‘thousands’ of copies of a local Dublin newspaper from shops after the paper ran a negative story about the TD in question"

IRELAND: Poll: Should more gardaí be armed with taser guns? (The Journal): "The association representing rank-and-file gardaí wants its members to be given taser stun guns for extra protection"

IRELAND: ‘Self service’ border control gates on trial at Dublin Airport (The Journal): "Automatic border control are now in operation at Dublin Airport, the Minister for Justice Alan Shatter announced today"

Italy recalls its 'years of lead' (Gazzetta del Sud): "The Senate Speaker on Thursday said much needed to be done to ensure that the whole truth be revealed behind Italy's decades of political violence and terrorism"

ITALY: 180 immigrants rescued off Lampedusa during night (Gazzetta del Sud): "The coastguard brought 180 immigrants to shore on the southern Italian island of Lampedusa early Friday. The immigrants were rescued during the night from two motorized rubber dinghies located roughly 125 and 130 miles from shore, respectively"

ITALY: Bunga bunga trial: Prosecutors demand Silvio Berlusconi should be jailed for six years, sex and corruption trial hears, as former Italian Prime Minster opens doors to 'bunga bunga' party villa for TV documentary (The Independent): "Silvio Berlusconi should be jailed for six years and banned from holding office again, a prosecutor told a Milan court on Monday during a summing-up hearing for the “bunga bunga” sex and corruption trial"

ITALY: Forza Nuova launches 'Immigration Kills' Internet campaign (Gazzetta del Sud): "taly's far-right Forza Nuova party launched an Internet campaign on Monday called 'Immigration Kills', referring to the recent rape and murder of a young woman in Livorno and a pick-ax killing spree committed in Milan on Saturday, both by non-Italians living in the country"

ITALY: 'Molotov cocktails' found outside Milan refugee centre (Gazzetta del Sud): "Four bottles full of petrol were found outside a refugee centre in Milan Monday. Anti-immigrant feeling has risen in the northern Italian city since a Ghanaian man went on a rampage with a pick-axe Saturday, killing one man and injuring four others"

ITALY: More insults for Italy's first black minister (Gazzetta del Sud): "Italy's first black cabinet member, Integration Minister Cecile Kyenge, received the latest volley in a barrage of racist abuse on Thursday when she was told to go back to Congo." See also: Kyenge gets another volley of racist insults

ITALY: Northern League discipline committee expels 14 members (Gazzetta del Sud): "The disciplinary committee of the regionalist Northern League agreed Monday to expel at least 14 members from its Veneto branch in northern Italy after a meeting that reportedly involved scuffles, slaps and shoving"

ITALY: Protestors clash with police at U.S. military site in Sicily (Gazzetta del Sud): "More violent protests erupted Wednesday at the site of a new United States satellite communications base under construction in Sicily"

ITALY: Soccer: Capello says Italy must learn from England on racism (Gazzetta del Sud): "Fabio Capello said Tuesday that Italian football should learn from England and Spain as it tries to rid itself of racism." See: Racist chanting halts AC Milan-Roma game in Serie A (BBC News)

KOSOVO: New DNA database will increase crime fight, co-operation abilities (SETimes.com): "Kosovo's Forensics Agency has become one of the 265 labs in more than 40 countries that are using CODIS, the Combined DNA Index System, to manage a database, a move that experts said will revolutionise the country's fight against crime"

Macedonia constitutional court probes paedophile register (Balkan Insight): "The constitutional court’s move to review a government decision to publish the names and addresses of paedophiles released from jail has angered top officials"

Macedonian police work with Germany, Austria to bust 'Frankfurt Mafia' (SEtimes.com): "The recent arrest of five people in a joint police action targeting a money laundering ring shows the power of a co-ordinated fight against organised crime, analysts said"

MALTA: 83 migrants rescued by AFM (Malta Independent): "Late last night, three Armed Forces of Malta (AFM) patrol vessels rescued a group of 83 persons from onboard a 10-metre long rubber dinghy which began taking in water, from a position some 31 nautical miles (NM) South of Malta"

MALTA: Constitutional appeal by Moroccan denied freedom of movement (Malta Independent): "A Moroccan woman married to a Maltese man for the past 11 years, presented a Constitutional Appeal following a judgement in the First Hall of the Civil Court which declared that it was removing her right to freedom of movement, after she left her husband"

MALTA: 'Nightmare' as foreign residents wait to apply for e-residence card (Times of Malta): "Foreign residents in Malta who called at the Citizenship and Expatriate Department this morning to apply for an e-residence card described the situation as ‘a nightmare’"

MALTA: Protection granted to Libyans is in line with laws – ministry (Times of Malta): "The Refugee Commission relies on objective information and recommendations by the UNHCR when granting protection to Libyans, the Home Affairs Ministry said in reaction to calls by the chargé d’affaires to be more stringent when granting asylum"

NETHERLANDS: Free movement of people within EU leads to pay problems: minister (Dutch News): "Social affairs minister Lodewijk Asscher wants to raise ‘problems’ associated with the free movement of workers within the EU with Brussels, the Telegraaf reports on Tuesday"

NETHERLANDS: Guards on ships should be defence-ministry trained: captains (Dutch News): "Armed security guards used to protect Dutch ships against pirates should be trained and supervised by the defence ministry, according to the captains' association NVK"

NETHERLANDS: Judges oppose minister's plan to boost use of electronic tagging (Dutch News): "The Dutch legal system is opposed to plans by junior justice minister Fred Teeven to increase the use of electronic tagging, rather than send people to jail"

NETHERLANDS: Labour backs leader on illegal immigrants, with tough conditions (Dutch News): "The Labour party’s members’ council on Sunday backed the decision by leader Diederik Samsom to support making it a criminal offence to be an illegal immigrant"

NETHERLANDS: Police accused of sanctioning 'illegal' wedding of Muslim teenagers (The Amsterdam Herald: "Police in Amsterdam has been criticised for apparently assisting with an arranged marriage between two underage Dutch Muslims"

NETHERLANDS: Policeman who shot teenager at The Hague station will face charges (Dutch News): "The police officer who shot dead a 17-year-old youth on a platform at Hollands Spoor railway station last year will face manslaughter charges, the public prosecution department said on Wednesday"

NORTHERN IRELAND: CJI raises concerns over police still filling civilian roles in PSNI (The Detail): "The PSNI needs to take urgent steps to ensure that the make-up of its workforce is fit to meet the future needs of community policing, a new report has concluded"

NORTHERN IRELAND: Major protest planned ahead of G8 meeting (Irish Independent): "A MAJOR public march and rally is to be held in Belfast the weekend before the G8 meeting of world leaders." See also: Protesters will walk from library to G8 security fence (The Impartial Reporter); G8: NI prison block 'set aside' in case of trouble (BBC News) and Anti-G8 protesters issue map of London capitalist targets (Reuters)

NORTHERN IRELAND: Policing social media versus free speech (The Detail): "The number of people convicted annually of crimes involving social media and other forms of public electronic communications in Northern Ireland has trebled since 2009, The Detail can reveal today"

Norway police face disciplinary action over alleged foreigner brutality (The Foreigner): "A British-Australian dual national has filed a formal complaint with police alleging two plain-clothed officers assaulted him on a Bergen roadside, western Norway"

NORWAY: Anders Breivik fails in bid to start fascist group from prison cell (The Independent): "The Norwegian authorities have refused an application by the mass killer, Anders Breivik, to form a fascist organisation from his prison cell, saying he provided them with insufficient paperwork"

NORWAY: Football ‘casuals’ concern Norway police (The Foreigner): "Norwegian police say they are worried about the growing violent trend similar to that of British football hooligans"

POLAND: Bialystok mayor pledges action over racist attacks (The News): "The mayor of Bialystok, north eastern Poland, has pledged to take action after a trio of racist attacks in the city"

POLAND: Protest over pending Wroclaw Roma eviction (The News): " Human rights groups are defending a group of Romanian Roma, who local government want evicted from an encampment in Wroclaw, south western Poland"

 ROMANIA: Libel ruling leaves Romanian media confused (Balkan Insight): "A court decision preventing the planned decriminalization of slander in Romania has caused confusion in the media"

Romanians believe in EU and Schengen accession (ACTMedia): "Romanians are optimistic about the future of the European Union as well as about their country's Schengen Area entry bid, reveals a poll conducted by IRES pollsters"

SERBIA: Thousands of Serbs protest against the Brussels agreement (Balkan Insight): "Several thousand people assembled in Belgrade’s main square, accusing Serbia’s top leaders of high treason for the recent EU brokered-deal with Kosovo"

SPAIN: Aziz’s mortgage is abusive (El Pais): "Mohamed Aziz, a Moroccan laborer evicted from his apartment in Martorell near Barcelona two years ago, was at the origin of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling that struck down Spanish mortgage law. In March Aziz hailed that ruling as a victory of “the weak over the strong.” His case, however, had then not yet been ruled on in a Spanish court"

SPAIN: Madrid threatens to legally question any further self-rule moves by Catalonia (El Pais): "Just two days after the Constitutional Court nullified a declaration of sovereignty passed by the Catalan regional assembly in January, Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría on Friday said the government would take further legal action against any moves by the region to advance its self-rule cause." See also: Constitutional Court nullifies Catalan sovereignty declaration

SPAIN: Two years on from the “indignant” occupation of Sol, what now for 15-M? (El Pais): "Over the course of its two-year existence, the 15-M grassroots protest movement has changed. The movement, which took its name from the May 15, 2011 occupation of Puerta del Sol square in central Madrid, has moved on from the "indignation" that was originally proposed by French thinker Stéphane Hessel, with the aim of encouraging direct action against individuals and entities. Below is a list of the key changes the movement has experienced"

SWEDEN: Stockholm man shot dead by police (The Local): "Police fatally shot a 69-year-old man in an apartment in north Stockholm on Monday evening after responding to calls that a man armed with a machete was menacing the neighbourhood"

SWITZERLAND: Government report finds Muslims well-integrated (swissinfo.ch): "A joint cantonal and governmental report conducted in the wake of the 2009 minaret ban finds that most Muslims in Switzerland are well-integrated and don’t generally experience problems related to their religious faith in everyday life"

The right to blog (Article 19): "In this policy paper, ARTICLE 19 proposes a set of recommendations to state actors and policy makers about what they should do to promote and protect the rights of bloggers domestically and internationally. It also gives practical advice to bloggers about their rights and explains how - and in what situations - they can invoke some of the privileges and defences that traditional journalists have found vital to the integrity of their work." See: Full report: The right to blog (pdf)

UK: BAE AGM can't hide from difficult questions and disruptions (Campaign Against Arms Trade, press release): " Supporters from Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) turned out in force to shame arms giant BAE Systems at their Annual General Meeting AGM), accusing it of supporting repressive regimes through arms sales and unethical business practices. Acute questioning combined with high farce during the two hour meeting culminated in the attempted presentation of "Whitewasher of the year award" to BAE Chairman, Dick Olver"

UK: Pavement justice: On-the-spot fines & the rule of law (The Justice Gap): "On-the-spot fines were once reserved for minor procedural issues such as parking or failing to have a train ticket, writes Josie Appleton... Now they have become the ‘penalty of choice’ for a range of public bodies – including police forces fining people for criminal offences, schools fining children for truancy, or local authorities fining people for unlicensed leafleting or dropping a cigarette butt"

UK: Pilotless flight trialled in UK shared airspace (BBC News): "A Jetstream aircraft became the first to fly "unmanned" across UK shared airspace last month"

UK: Queen's Speech: Immigrants face tougher rules (BBC News): "A fresh attempt to curb immigration is the centre piece of the government's planned new laws, set out by the Queen at the State Opening of Parliament"

UK: Woman, 81, left to starve after immigration raid on care company (The Guardian): "Gloria Foster, 81, a frail widow with dementia, was entirely dependent on four daily visits from carers, who fed her, helped her get out of bed and gave her medicine. But for nine days in January she was left to starve after an immigration raid on the private care company contracted to look after her"

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