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News digest: 24 May 2013

AUSTRIA: Army officer sentenced over getting recruits to lay flooring at his house (Austrian Times): "The state court of Vienna sentenced a second lieutenant of the Austrian Army to nine months in jail due to misuse of authority. He had three recruits lay the flooring in his own house"

AUSTRIA: Upper Austria highlights problem of computer police (Austrian Times): "The work of computer forensics is becoming more important to the police. Eleven experts at the state office of criminal investigation evaluate computers and mobile phones. As amounts of data have increased, the work is becoming more difficult"

BALKANS: Bulgaria will participate in a joint project with Austria, Hungary, Romania and Slovenia to implement the Police Cooperation Convention for Southeast Europe by 2016 (Bulgarian Ministry of Interior)

BALKANS: Turkey, Serbia and BiH expand economic and political co-operation (SETimes.com): "At a recent historical summit in Ankara, Turkey President Abdullah Gul hosted several Balkan leaders in a successful diplomatic push to increase co-operation in the region"

BOSNIA: Threat to suspend Bosnia from Council of Europe (Balkan Insight): "The European Parliament is to vote on Thursday on a proposal of Doris Pack who called on the Council of Europe to suspend Bosnia for its failure to implement the Sejdic and Finci rights ruling"

BULGARIA/ROMANIA: Better integration at home could solve Western problem (SETimes.com): "More concerted efforts to socially integrate Roma ethnics into home societies in Romania and Bulgaria would solve the rising social tourism phenomenon, experts told SETimes, amid a debate in Germany and Great Britain on the practice"

BULGARIA: EPP: We are alarmed by Bulgarian nationalists' behaviour (Novinite)

Bulgarian anti-Mafia chief denied classified info access (Novinite): "The suspended Bulgarian police's anti-organized crime unit head, Stanimir Florov, has been stripped from his rights to access classified information"

Bulgarian border authorities rescue stranded illegal migrants (Novinite): "A team of Bulgarian border police have rescued 11 illegal migrants who had been stranded for days in a wild area along the Turkish-Bulgarian border"

Bulgarian citizens, NGOs invited to propose changes to parliamentary procedure (Novinite): "Bulgarian citizens and non-governmental organizations have been invited to submit proposals for the rules of organization and procedure of the new Parliament"

Croat soldiers taking part in NATO exercise in Germany (Croatian Times): "From 15 to 26 April 2013, Multinational Corps Northeast based in Szczecin, Poland, will conduct the Crystal Eagle 13 exercise at the Army Warfighting Simulation Centre in Wildflecken, Germany, with the participation of about 1,400 soldiers from 19 countries, including Croatian soldiers from the NATO Multinational Military Police Battalion"

Croatia leads Balkans on gay rights legislation (Balkan Insight): "Croatia scored 48 per cent on a checklist of laws that include rules on non-discrimination, gender recognition and hate speech, making it the regional leader, according to the research published ahead of Friday’s International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia"

Czech elite soldiers may train in Israel (Prague Daily Monitor): "The Czech military is negotiating with its Israeli partners about an exercise of elite soldiers from the special forces seated in Prostejov, south Moravia, that would be held in Israel under the name Sand Dune in the other half of 2013, the Defence Ministry has said"

CZECH REPUBLIC: Former police chief Lessy acquitted of charges (Prague Daily Monitor): "A Prague court Thursday acquitted former Czech police president Petr Lessy of libel and abuse of power charges for allegedly letting leak documents offending a senior police official to media"

CZECH REPUBLIC: NGO points to Hungarian neo-Nazi wrestler's planned Czech stay (Prague Daily Monitor): "The participants in Friday's martial sports tournament in Prague are to include Attila Petrovszki, a Hungarian contestant who openly claims his adherence to neo-Nazism, Czech server Romea.cz reported Wednesday, citing the Antifascist League's information"

CZECH REPUBLIC: Poll: Czechs are very unsatisfied with state of democracy (Prague Daily Monitor): "A mere one-quarter of Czechs, the same figure as in December 2011, are satisfied with the state of democracy in the Czech Republic, according to a poll conducted by the polling institute STEM in early April and released Tuesday"

DENMARK: Two found guilty of stealing Nazi documents (The Copenhagen Post)

EU-wide protection for victims of domestic violence to become law (Europa, press release): "Victims of violence, in particular domestic violence, will soon be able to count on EU-wide protection, after the European Parliament voted with an overwhelming majority (602 votes in favour, 23 against, 63 abstentions) to endorse the European Commission's proposal for an EU-wide protection order"

EU: EP political groups unite against racist and sexist insults by Italian MEP Mario Borghezio (GUE/NGL, press release): "The five main political groups of the European Parliament met in Strasbourg yesterday to express their solidarity with Italian minister for integration, Cécile Kyenge Kashetu, after racist and sexist insults of far-right MEP Mario Borghezio"

EU: Germany ratifies Croatian agreement to join EU and Slovenia ratifies Croatian entry to EU (Croatian Times)

EU: Report 2013: World increasingly dangerous for refugees and migrants (Amnesty International): "Global inaction on human rights is making the world an increasingly dangerous place for refugees and migrants, Amnesty International said today as it launched its annual assessment of the world’s human rights." See also: Amnesty says refugees face rising dangers (BBC News); Amnesty International slams 'police violence', forced evictions and no healthcare for immigrants (Think Spain); Syrian refugees held in 'very poor conditions' in Greece, Amnesty says (Ekathimerini)

EU: Serbia's EU progress linked to Bulgarian minority rights (Balkan Insight): "Marin Raykov, Bulgaria’s caretaker prime minister and foreign minister, said that ensuring the rights and welfare of the ethnic Bulgarian minority in Serbia was a condition for Belgrade’s progress towards EU membership"

FRANCE: Far-right French historian, 78-year-old Dominique Venner, commits suicide in Notre Dame in protest against gay marriage (The Independent): "A far-right French historian shot himself in the head beside the altar of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris today apparently in protest against the legalisation of gay marriage in France"

FRANCE: French town accused of censoring left-leaning press (France 24): "The small French town of Puteaux, an affluent suburb northwest of Paris, has been accused of censoring access to left-leaning publications after the main multimedia library there ended its subscriptions to several newspapers and magazines"

FRANCE: No such thing as 'race', say French lawmakers (France 24): "French lawmakers approved a bill on Thursday to completely remove the word “race” from the country’s law books, but the initiative has been blasted as naïve and useless by right-wing opponents"

Germany's NATO drone project hits EU snags (Deutsche Welle): " In an interview with DW, Christian Mölling at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs explains why Germany's Euro Hawk drone program was canceled and whether a half-billion euros was really wasted." See also: Drone program collapse has Berlin under pressure (Spiegel Online); Defense ministry was aware of Euro Hawk doubts and Germany prepares its military for the 21st century (Deutsche Welle)

GERMANY: Cop faces charges for punching woman (The Local): "German state prosecutors filed on Wednesday charges against a policeman who punched a woman in the face, breaking her nose and eye socket while she was at a Munich police station in January"

GERMANY: NSU trial: Prosecutor reads out charges in chilling detail and Excrement smeared on lawyer's office door (Spiegel Online); NSU investigation a 'total failure': review panel and Resignation sets in as neo-Nazi trial continues (Deutsche Welle)

GERMANY: Poles ‘lynched’ in Germany (New Poland Express): "The head of the German state of Brandenburg apologised this week after two Polish seasonal workers were abducted and beaten up by a gang of villagers in what was described a “lynching”"

GERMANY: Police raid suspected leftist extremists (The Local): "Police on Wednesday carried out raids across several German states at more than 20 properties, which they believe are connected to a network of leftist extremists responsible for carrying out attacks over more than a decade"

GREECE: Anti-racism bill might go back to coalition leaders (Ekathimerini): "It appeared on Wednesday that the fate of a contentious anti-racism bill will have to be determined by the leaders of the three parties in the fragile coalition after the government’s general secretary, Panayiotis Baltakos, refuted reports that the bill had gained approval in principle by a parliamentary committee." See also: Anti-racism bill causes rift in government

GREECE: AP photojournalist denounces illegal detention (Greek Reporter): "Nikolas Giakoumidis, photojournalist for Associated Press, filed a signed complaint against the way he was treated by the police in Thessaloniki on May 21"

GREECE: EU urges Greece to up asylum (Greek Reporter): "The European Union has called on Greece to review its asylum policies, especially for Syrians fleeing “atrocities” in their country. Greece grants asylum to as few as 1 in 100,000 applicants and the government has been acting to purge the country of those in the country unlawfully"

GREECE: Fyli landfill closed amid influx of migrants, Roma (Ekathimerini): "Authorities on Monday closed the capital’s main landfill at Fyli, northwestern Attica, warning of an increasingly dangerous situation as a growing number of undocumented immigrants have entered the grounds to search for items of value"

GREECE: Girl, 6, drowns in migrant boat sinking (Greek Reporter): "In yet another episode of people trying to enter Greece unlawfully, a 6-year-old girl drowned when a small boat crammed with immigrants trying to enter Greece illegally sank off an eastern Aegean Sea islet, the Merchant Marine Ministry said, although 21 people, mainly Syrians, were rescued after the vessel foundered for unknown reasons May 15 off Farmakonissi. The nationality of the drowned child was not available"

GREECE: Golden Dawn aiming to be like Hezbollah, says party's MP (Ekathimerini): "Golden Dawn MP Ilias Panagiotaros has told Australian television that the far-right party would like to resemble the Lebanon-based Islamic militant group." See also: Golden Dawn says MP's words were twisted by Australian broadcaster

GREECE: Golden Dawn MP with gun in parliament (Greek Reporter): "A Member of Parliament from the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party who drove into the underground parking lot there with a gun on his passenger’s seat was asked by a police guard to put it away but drove on after telling him, “I prefer to get someone first, before they get me,” the newspaper Eleftherotypia reported." See also: Golden Dawn MP ejected from Parl't after 'Heil Hitler' incident [UPDATE] (Ekathimerini) and SYRIZA MP Yelled “Heil Hitler!” In Parliament (Greek Reporter)

GREECE: Migrants return home via repatriation program (Ekathimerini): "A total of 71 migrants returned to their native countries from Greece on Tuesday following an operation conducted by Greek police"

GREECE: Racist crime squad probing attack on Syrian in Athens (Ekathimerini)

GREECE: Three women to face prosecutor over Skouries protest (Ekathimerini): "Three women from Halkidiki, northern Greece, were expected to face a local prosecutor on Wednesday for allegedly trying to obstruct a mining vehicle from approaching a gold mining site located in the area of Skouries. The women, aged 25, 39 and 40 aged were arrested on May 12"

GREECE: Two racist gang members held over arson attack on migrant cafe and Two arrested in racially motivated arson attack (Ekathimerini)

Greek VIP's will pay for police guards (Greek Reporter): "After having been provided free police bodyguards, some 4,200 at one point, Greek politicians, key journalists, business executives and others deemed likely targets of criminals and terrorists will have to pay for the cost if their income is more than 100,000 euros ($130,000) under a plan put forth by the government"

Hungary Premier risks more isolation with Nazi comparison (Bloomberg): "Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban risked further isolation in the European Union after comparing a remark made by Chancellor Angela Merkel with Nazi Germany’s military seizure of the country in World War II"

HUNGARY: European fascism: A movement grows in Hungary (Boston Globe)

HUNGARY: Heads of Hungarian, Romanian high courts join in call for action against government power grabs (Politics.hu): "The constitutional courts of Hungary and Romania must do more to guarantee constitutionality in the face of ruling parties with two-thirds parliamentary majorities, the court’s presidents said"

HUNGARY: MSZP suspected of compiling illegal voter database, authorities investigate (Politics.hu): "Hungary’s data protection authority NAIH has launched an investigation into the opposition Socialist Party’s signature-collection campaign that aims to drum up support for reducing the VAT rate, Magyar Nemzet daily said on Wednesday"

HUNGARY: Rule of law under threat (Human Rights Watch): "The systemic changes to Hungary’s legal framework introduced by the government since 2010 weaken legal checks on its authority, interfere with media freedom, and undermine human rights protections, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today." See: Wrong direction on rights: ASsessing the impact of Hungary's new constitution and laws

IRELAND: Garda and PSNI to link systems (Irish Independent): "The Garda and PSNI computerised licence-plate recognition systems are being linked together as part of the massive security exercise surrounding the G8 meeting of world leaders in Fermanagh next month."

IRELAND: Group to protest Irish government ‘silence’ on Guantanamo Bay (The Journal): "A group is to gather outside the Dáil this afternoon to protest against the Irish Government’s silence on the hunger strikes at Guantanamo Bay"

IRELAND: Information Commissioner: staff resources no excuse for FoI delays (The Journal): "The Information Commissioner has criticised public bodies for failing to comply with statutory obligations set out under the Freedom of Information Act"

IRELAND: Justice for Magdalenes group ends its campaign (The Journal)

IRELAND: Limits on powers of gardai to stop phone coverage (Belfast Telegraph): "Mobile phone coverage can only be blocked in a specific area if there is a severe terrorist threat for a maximum of six hours"

IRELAND: Local authorities to be quizzed on Traveller housing allocations (The Journal): "An Oireahtas committee wants to know why local authorities do not use the full amount of money available to them for Traveller housing"

Italians not threatened by foreigners working in country (Gazzetta del Sud): "Over half of Italians polled do not feel that migrants living in the country are biting into the slim job market, but maintain that Italians should be chosen first over foreigners for employment openings, statistics agency Istat said on Wednesday"

Italy in lead against human trafficking, UN ambassador says (Gazzetta del Sud)

Italy's jails 'unworthy of civilization' chides Cancellieri (Gazzetta del Sud)

ITALY: Anonymous members arrested for hacking govt, Vatican (Gazzetta del Sud): "Police on Friday arrested four Italian members of the international 'hacktivist' network Anonymous for allegedly hacking into computer systems of the government, parliament and the Vatican." See also: Anonymous hackers shut down Rome court's website

ITALY: Anti-austerity protests in Rome (BBC News): "Thousands of protesters have marched through Rome in a demonstration against Italy's recently-elected coalition government"

ITALY: Bari to receive 146 new police officers amid security alarm (Gazzetta del Sud): "By September the city of Bari in the southern Italian region of Puglia will have 146 new police officers, Interior Minister Angelino Alfano announced Wednesday"

ITALY: Bonino confirms 200 NATO troops in Sicily over Libya concern (Gazzetta del Sud): "Italian Foreign Minister Emma Bonino on Wednesday confirmed that only 200 American NATO troops were being moved to Sicily to be ready for rapid deployment if any new attacks occur in Libya"

ITALY: Child protection agency says condition for Roma 'shameful' (Gazzetta del Sud): "Conditions in Roma encampments in and around Italy's capital are a "painful social shame to no longer be tolerated," Vincenzo Spadafora from the national child protection agency said on Wednesday"

ITALY: Citizens wait to assist migrants landing in Calabria (Gazzetta del Sud)

ITALY: Ex-Northern League Senator sentenced to 2 years 6 months (Gazzetta del Sud): "Former Northern League Senator Piergiorgio Stiffoni was sentenced to two years and six months imprisonment by a Rome court on Wednesday for embezzling party funds"

ITALY: Genoa passes same sex civil unions (Gazzetta del Sud): "the city of Genoa approved civil unions on Wednesday for heterosexual and homosexual couples alike. The city council measure will create a city registry for civil unions with provisions aimed at putting the rights and duties of established, unmarried couples - regardless of sex - on par with those of married couples"

ITALY: Modena prosecutor investigates racial slurs against minister (Gazzetta del Sud)

ITALY: Muslims in Italy have been victims of violence, leader says (Gazzetta del Sud): "Italy's Muslim community on Thursday said numerous individuals of Islamic faith have suffered physical violence in the southern Italian region of Puglia, as well as in other areas of the nation in recent weeks by "unidentified assailants""

ITALY: 'My name is cleared at last' - film shows police brutality at Genoa G8 summit (The Guardian): "In January 2005, I met a clearly distressed young British journalist who told me of being beaten up by the Italian police during the G8 summit in Genoa in 2001. Four years on, Mark Covell was still suffering from both the physical and psychological effects of that savage attack as he recounted his injuries: eight broken ribs, smashed teeth, a collapsed lung and internal bleeding. He lost consciousness and slipped into a coma"

ITALY: Northern League bigwig says Kyenge 'instigating criminality' (Gazzetta del Sud): "Integration Minister Cecile Kyenge, Italy's first black minister, is "instigating criminality" by proposing that illegal immigration no longer be considered a crime, Northern League bigwig Matteo Salvini, said on Tuesday"

ITALY: Policeman kills wife, commits suicide (Gazzetta del Sud): "Police in the northern city of Padua said that an officer who was found dead Wednesday in his home, together with his wife, shot her first then committed suicide with his service-issued pistol." See also: Police shoots son, kills self

LITHUANIA: Ireland, Britain not helping in Real IRA arms case: Lithuania (The Journal): "A Lithuanian court said Wednesday that Ireland and Britain have failed to cooperate in the appeal trial of an Irishman jailed by Vilnius for plotting to smuggle arms to the Real IRA"

Macedonia 'hiding' rise in hate attacks, report says (Balkan Insight): "The authorities in Skopje are ignoring and even concealing the rise in crimes inspired by ethnic and religious hatred, the Macedonian Helsinki Committee for Human Rights said"

Macedonia upholds jailing of ex-police minister Boskoski (Balkan Insight): "The supreme court on Tuesday upheld Boskoski’s sentence for illegally financing his political campaign and for abusing his position as head of the small right-wing opposition party United for Macedonia"

MALTA: AD questions report on civil rights (Malta Independent): "Alternattiva Demokratika, the Green Party, questions the main conclusion of the TPPI Report on the civil rights of LGBTI persons ironically launched on the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia""

MALTA: Escaped migrant returns to regularise position (Times of Malta): "An Egyptian immigrant who escaped custody from Malta eight years ago but returned a few months ago to regularise his position was this morning given a one year jail term suspended for two"

MALTA: Man claims police beat him to within an inch of his life (Malta Independent): " A man charged with assaulting the constables claimed in court Wednesday that on the feast of St Paul in 2006 he was given a beating by the police which lasted about 15 minutes"

MALTA: Man takes case to European Court of Human Rights (Malta Independent): "Martin Dimech, 52 of Zejtun, who is accused with drug trafficking, has taken his case to the European Court of Human Rights because, he argues, the Maltese courts are not only violating the provisions for legal counsel to be present when a person is interrogated, but they have also made a U-turn in such cases"

MALTA: Man, wife, claim police beating (Times of Malta): "A man described in court today how he was beaten up by policemen who, it was claimed, had also threatened to have sex with his wife in front of him"

MALTA: Migrant was ‘severely humiliated’ on a bus (Times of Malta): "The African man who was dragged off a bus by two Arriva employees was scared and humiliated, a witness has told The Sunday Times of Malta"

MALTA: Two migrants escape, re-arrested after chase (Times of Malta): "Two migrants escaped from a window of a minibus when they were taken to Mater Dei Hospital this afternoon, but they were re-arrested after a chase by detention officers." See also: Somalis jailed for three months after escaping from detention van (Malta Independent)

Montenegro launches plan to depoliticise judiciary (Balkan Insight): "The Montenegrin government has published a draft action plan to increase judicial independence and answer EU concerns about politicisation of the country’s legal system"

NETHERLANDS: Helping an illegal immigrant not a criminal offence, says minister (Dutch News): "Junior justice minister Fred Teeven is prepared to amend pending legislation making it a criminal offence to help people living in the Netherlands without proper papers. Teeven made the concession during Wednesday night's debate on the coalition's plans to make being an illegal immigrant a criminal offence." See also: Teeven has no plans to change illegal immigrant plan (Dutch News) and Refugees resisting state oppression, and solidarity activism in the Netherlands: hunger strikes and more (libcom.org)

NETHERLANDS: Hunger strikers can be force fed as last resort, says supreme court (Dutch News): "Nine asylum seekers are currently on hunger strike in the Netherlands, the justice ministry said on Tuesday evening. Three are in Zeist, two are in Rotterdam, three in Scheveningen and one in the high-security prison of Vught. The latter is also refusing liquids, a justice ministry spokeswoman told the Telegraaf. Junior minister Fred Teeven has asked the supreme court to advise on his options if the hunger strikers' lives are in danger." See also: Two asylum seekers on hunger strike in solitary confinement (Dutch News) and

NETHERLANDS: Not enough MPs back collective asylum for Afghan interpreters (Dutch News): "There is not enough support in parliament to ensure a collective asylum deal for Afghans who worked as interpreters for the Dutch military in Afghanistan, the Volkskrant reports on Wednesday"

NETHERLANDS: Prison spending cut plan will hit public safety, say legal experts (Dutch News): "The government's plans to slash spending on the prison system will hit public safety, the influential council for criminal law and youth protection (RSJ) said on Tuesday"

NORTHERN IRELAND: Prison death family: "The truth has finally come out" (The Detail): "The family of a man who died of a heart attack after being restrained by prison wardens over 17 years ago has spoken for the first time about their long struggle for justice."

NORTHERN IRELAND: Row as study says parades boost the economy by £55m (Belfast Telegraph): "Loyal orders and Protestant marching bands inject £55m into the Northern Ireland economy every year, a report funded by Department for Social Development has found"

NORTHERN IRELAND: Thousands of British police sent to Northern Ireland amid fear of terror attack at G8 summit (The Telegraph): "More than 3,500 UK police officers are being deployed to Northern Ireland for next month’s G8 conference amid fears that dissident Republicans are plotting a terrorist outrage." See: G8 summit sparks biggest police operation in Northern Ireland's history (The Guardian)

NORTHERN IRELAND: Two journalists receive death threats from paramilitaries (The Journal)

NORWAY: Will Norway be overrun by climate refugees? (The Foreigner): "Several publications show how estimates of future climate change refugees vary substantially, from tens of millions to a billion. Let's look closely at the science"

POLAND: Interior minister vows to tackle racist crime (The News): "Interior minister Bartlomiej Sienkiewicz has pledged to treat the north eastern city of Bialystok as “a training ground” for combating racism, after a series of hate crimes there"

POLAND: Roma take legal action over 'racist' pop song (The News)

ROMANIA: Corruption case shocks Romanian justice system (SETimes.com): "The seven-year prison sentence issued to former Romanian senator Catalin Voicu ended a four-year corruption trial that exposed an unprecedented ring of influence peddling among politicians, magistrates and businessmen, and has led to calls for heightened accountability of corrupt judges and prosecutors." See also: Romania names anti-corruption chiefs (Balkan Insight)

ROMANIA: NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen pays visit to Bucharest (ACTMedia): "Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the NATO Secretary General will make a visit in Bucharest where he will meet president Traian Basescu and premier Victor Ponta. He will be awarded the title of Doctor Honoris Causa of Bucharest University, official sources told Mediafax.“The visit will be a short one for the title award. Rasmussen will have meetings with president Traian Basescu at Cotroceni and with premier Victor Ponta at Victoria Palace,” the sources said"

RUSSIA: US spy-row diplomat Ryan Fogle 'leaves Russia' (BBC News): "US diplomat Ryan Fogle, who was accused by Russia of being a spy, has left the country, Russian television reported." See also: Russia to expel 'CIA agent' in spy recruitment scandal (BBC News): and Russian agent claims Ryan Fogle is not the first CIA agent caught this year (The Independent)

RUSSIA: Moscow police swoop on suspected illegal migrants (BBC News): "Police in the Russian capital Moscow say they have arrested 236 people suspected of being illegal migrants from Central Asia"

Serbia introduces Roma classes to schools (Balkan Insight): "The National Council of the Roma in Serbia has launched a process of introducing the Roma language and elements of Roma national culture to elementary schools"

SERBIA: Riot mars Belgrade Partizan Red Star football derby (BBC News): "Police in the Serbian capital, Belgrade, have made 104 arrests after rival fans of the city's Partizan and Red Star teams clashed at a match"

Serbia's right-wingers dream of nationalist resurgence (Balkan Insight): "The protests over the Kosovo agreement revealed deep divisions among Serbia's right-wingers, but they could still become a serious force if they tap into public disappointment with the government"

Serbian media urged to shun hate speech (Balkan Insight): "Vincent Degert, head of the EU Delegation to Serbia, said it was necessary to establish regulatory bodies and a legal framework to combat hate speech on the internet"

SPAIN: Hospital chief fired over illegal immigrant's tuberculosis death (El Pais): "The regional government of the Balearic Islands on Wednesday dismissed the managing director of a Mallorca hospital following an ongoing inquiry into the death of an undocumented Senegalese immigrant from tuberculosis. A doctor and two nurses were also expelled over the possibility that a wrong diagnosis was made"

SPAIN: More than 200 migrants storm Spanish enclave border fence with Morocco - 60 make it across (Vancouver Sun): "Spanish authorities say 200 sub-Saharan migrants tried to enter the Spanish enclave of Melilla from Morocco by climbing a 6-meter-tall (20-foot-tall) fence and that about 60 of them succeeded and avoided capture"

SPAIN: Policeman who clubbed his lawyer to death with own baton found dead in jail (El Pais): "A Granada police officer accused of clubbing his lawyer to death with his baton has been found dead in his prison cell in Albocàsser jail in Castellón province. Miguel Folgoso is believed to have taken his own life by hanging himself with a belt on Sunday afternoon"

SWEDEN: Stockholm riots spread south on fourth night (The Local): "Wednesday night saw more burning cars, smashed windows, and stone throwing at police in at least 15 suburbs around Stockholm, as the fourth night of riots swept the Swedish capital." See also: Stockholm riots spread to districts after fatal police shooting (The Independent) and Riots grip Stockholm suburbs after police shooting (BBC News)

SWITZERLAND: Cabinet drafts unique law on dictators’ assets (swissinfo.ch): "Cabinet has presented a draft bill setting the rules for the freezing and restoring assets obtained illegally by foreign dictators and deposited in Switzerland. If approved by parliament, it will be the first law of its kind in the world"

SWITZERLAND: Papers rue failings of house arrest system (swissinfo.ch): "Following the killing of a 19-year-old girl by a convicted murderer who was under home surveillance, Swiss newspapers on Thursday said the use of electronic tags for criminals needed to be re-examined"

UK net migration shrinks further, official figures show (The Guardian): "Net migration to Britain has shrunk by a further 10,000 people to 153,000 in the 12 months to September 2012 compared with the previous quarter, according to the Office for National Statistics"

UK provided more support for CIA rendition flights than thought – study (The Guardian): "The UK's support for the CIA's global rendition programme after the September 11 terrorist attacks on the US was far more substantial than has previously been recognised, according to a new research project that draws on a vast number of publicly available data and documentation." See also: New light shed on US government's extraordinary rendition programme and US rendition: every suspected flight mapped

UK: Activist 'shocked' at conviction for yelling at David Cameron (The Guardian): "A woman has described her shock after being found guilty of a public order offence for telling David Cameron he had "blood on his hands""

UK: David Laws vetoes plan to force schools to check immigrant status of pupils (The Guardian): "A proposal to require schools to check on the immigration status of their pupils has been shelved after the Liberal Democrat schools minister David Laws decided the idea would be bureaucratic and difficult to implement"

UK: Four LulzSec hackers sentenced to jail for “cowardly and vindictive” attacks (The Journal): "Four members of the LulzSec international hacking collective were sentenced to prison terms in Britain today for masterminding cyber atacks on major global institutions, including Sony Pictures and the CIA"

UK: Government continues to promote arms to Saudi Arabia as human rights deteriorate (Campaign Against Arms Trade, press release): "Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) has condemned as shameful the UK government continued eagerness to sell arms to the authoritarian regime of Saudi Arabia, despite their worsening human rights situation and almost complete lack of democratic institutions"

UK: Netpol solicitors list updated (Netpol): "Netpol, thImagee Network for Police Monitoring, has updated its list of solicitors that are experienced in dealing with the police and protesters"

UK: Police retain DNA from thousands of children (The Guardian): "The DNA of thousands of innocent children is being taken by police and stored on the national database, campaigners say on Monday, citing new figures"

UK: Woolwich attack: security forces will look at lone wolf and jihadist theories (The Guardian): "Counter-terrorism officers and security officials will doubtless fear that Woolwich fits into the category of crime that they can do little to thwart; random, lone-wolf, unsophisticated attacks, conducted by people who are not on the radar of the police or MI5." See also: Woolwich: Two arrested after separate attacks on mosques as English Defence League supporters clash with police (Belfast Telegraph) and Lib Dem opposition to communications data bill 'putting country at risk' (The Guardian)

USA: Drones: Myths and reality in Pakistan (International Crisis Group): "Drone strikes alone will not eliminate the jihadi threat in Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). Extension of Pakistani law and full constitutional rights to the region is the only long-term solution." See: Report (pdf)

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