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"The EU is behaving shamefully": It is time for the European Parliament to act: for circulation and joining in support

"In August four of us [*] visited Lesvos where we were horrified to see the situation for refugees deteriorate day by day, with no sign of effective intervention 'on the ground' from International Organisations or the governments of the European Union.

The trip made us ashamed of the EU's response, but applies equally to the whole situation caused by EU member states and EU policies, in the Mediterranean, the Balkans, Middle East and Africa.

IN THEORY a European Union which claims to have a common policy for asylum and migration should have created years ago a 24/7 crisis unit for humanitarian aid and civil protection inside the EU, to bring together in real time European, national and local administrative authorities.

Such a network/crisis unit exists for health, agricultural and veterinary emergencies (see the ANIMO network) but apparently has not even been planned for this kind of (very predictable) humanitarian "emergency".

It does not make any sense to plan to spend hundreds of millions of euros on the so called "smart borders" plan, to prevent over-stayers as the EU first priority, instead of facing real human emergencies. Please do not tell us that this is a primarily a Member State responsibility as we perfectly know that some of them are overwhelmed by the numbers of refugees landing on their shores.

The EU policies on migration and asylum, have, since the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty come under the legislative, institutional and budgetary competence of the European Parliament, which for years has denounced their failings.

But now that the time of decisions has come the Parliament appears trapped by the Commission and the Council in a war of words, documents and task forces which do not change the situation on the ground.

The MEPs should show leadership in this crisis by insisting that the other EU institutions develop an effective humanitarian protection policy on arrival for refugees , and create EU-wide legal channels to be open to migrants (the initiatives are so far limited to the highly skilled and seasonal migrants), by the end of the year. If they do not do so, then the EP should censure the Commission (ejecting it from office) and shut down the Council and European Council, by blocking all funding for their administration. If the parliament does not act now it will be meaningless to hold further elections.

Thanks for sharing."

[*] Statewatchers and members of the European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control.

Prepared by:

Statewatch (link to Observatory)
European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control
Executive Director of the FREE Group

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Tony Bunyan (Director, Statewatch)
European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control
Emilio de Capitani (Executive Director, FREE Group)
Emma Bell (Université de Savoie, Chambéry, France)
Dennis Töllborg (Sweden)
Peio Aierbe (Mugak/SOS Racismo)
Phil Scraton (Belfast)
Staffan Dahllof (Copenhagen)
Matthias Monroy (Büro Andrej Hunko MdB, Berlin)
Access to Information Programme (Bulgaria)
Joe Sim (Liverpool)
Stratos Georgoulas (Mytilene, Greece)
Maria Johansen (Sweden)
Yasha Maccanico (Bristol)
Steve Peers (EU Law Analysis)
Ida Koch (Denmark)
Kees Kalkman (VD/Amok, Netherlands)
Marie Martin (Paris)
Peace Institute (Institute for Contemporary Social and Political Studies, Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Minas Samatas (University of Crete)
Ben Hayes
Heiner Busch (Bern)
Mads Bruun Pedersen (Copenhagen)
Fiona O'Malley (London and currently in Lesvos)
Pinelopi Troullinou (UK/Greece)
Charles Bunyan
Professor Bill Bowring (UK)
Dr. Vian Bakir (Bangor)
Steve Wright (Reader in Applied Global Ethics, Leeds Beckett University)
Carole Lyons (Aberdeen, Scotland)
Joao Carvalho (Barreiro, Portugal)
Konstantin Axt (France)
Francine Mestrum (Global Social Justice, Brussels)
SYMAAG (South Yorkshire Migration and Asylum Action Group)
David Mery
Dr Caroline Davey (University of Salford)
Gerry Finn (Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission)
Marcus Hallside (Innovative Compliance Europe Ltd)
Rupert A. Marienfeld (Hamburg)
Selen Cavcav (Caseworker, INQUEST)
Jorrit Rijpma (Amsterdam)
Dominique Arvanitis (Athens, Greece)
Lesley Docksey (Dorset UK)
Marie McNay
Kieran McCorry
Paolo Novak (London, UK)
Meryem Marzouki (France)
Sonia GSIR, PhD (CEDEM - Centre for Ethnic and Migration Studies ISHS-University of Liège)
Stefan Salomon (University of Graz)
Robin Galbraith (Sheffield)
Tim Potten
Francesca Di Renzo
Ana Rodrigues (Porto - Portugal
Marie-Laure Basilien-Gainche (Professor of EU law, France)
Richard Lewis
John Picken (Aberdeen)
Eric Davies (Managing Director, Eurojargon Enterprises Limited)
Mareike & Ludwig Schönenbach (Bremen, Germany)
Karim Kocsenda (Hungarian citizen living in the UAE)
Frances Webber
Sarah Willis, Senior Lecturer in EU Law
Jean-Pierre Cassarino (IRMC, Tunis)
Jozef Niznik (Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw)
John Pender (Institute of Technology, Sligo, Republic of Ireland)
Solidarité sans frontiers (Switzerland)
Karl Kopp, PRO ASYL (Frankfurt)
Christina Suter
Johannes Hori (Germany)
Les Levidow (Campaign Against Criminalising Communities (CAMPACC), UK)
Eeva Ruokosalmi (Finland)
Marie Kvamme (Oslo)
Dr Philip Inglesant
Mick Ryan (University of Greenwich, London)
Kyung-guk Ha(South Korea)
Zinaida Onoufriou (Nicosia, Cyprus)
Nasia Dionysiou (Officer, Office of the Commissioner for Administration (Ombudsman), Cyprus)
Dr. Helge Hiram Jensen (Affiliated researcher, Robert Schuman Centre, European University Institute)
Rogier van Reekum (Erasmus University / Monitoring Modernity research group)
Phil Booth (Lewes, UK)
Rob van den Hoven van Genderen (Netherlands)
Dr Lindsey Metcalf (Liverpool John Moores University_
Sarah Cemlyn
Krisztina Karsai (Professor of Criminal Law, Hungary)
Tommy Ewing (Liverpool)
Velina Popova
Dr Jim Hollinshead (Senior Lecturer in Criminology, Liverpool John Moores University)
Mr Stavros Daldaras (Mechanical Engineer Galatsi / Athens - Greece)
Tim Sharp ( LL.M., Artist, Vienna)
Claire Sutherland (UK)
William Smith
zeyneba zakir
Dr Vicki Squire (University of Warwick)
Nick Hildyard, Larry Lohmann, Sarah Sexton (The Corner House)
Hanna Woltsche (Austria)
Andrea Beckmann (Nottingham)
Clara Guerra (Portugal)
Joao Paulo Guerra (Portugal, journalist)
Val Lewis
Stanislava Stoeva
Helen Harris (UK)

See: Observatory: EU MED crisis - a humanitarian emergency