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Refugee crisis: latest news from across Europe
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Are You Syrious (4.12.16,link):


"SF has reported the death of two women after they were rescued from a dinghy. Teams from Aquarius are devastated with this loss.

Tomorrow morning at 8:00, a boat with 285 refugees is expected at Ragusano in Sicily. The refugees (217 men, 15 women an 53 children) were rescued at sea in three missions (2 with the boat PHOENIX and 1 with AQUARIUS). Their countries of origin are Lybia, Syria, Morocco, Guinea Bissau, Mali, Guinea, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Gambia Liberia, Togo and Niger."


"There has been a big number of arrivals on this island in the last 24 hours with 3 boats being picked up.

Two boats arrived in the north east shore of Lesvos, both picked up by Frontex. One boat carrying 56 people, 10 were minors and 1 woman had a broken leg . The total arrivals in these two boats was 74 people . Later, another boat landed in the north coast of the island at 1:15 pm, with 60 people on board. Everyone was wet and cold but were ok after geeting dry clothes and hot tea and snacks. After waiting over 3 hours, the transportation arrived and taken to Moria, only to be sent back to the north of the island to spend the night in stage 2 transit zone as the camp as full. Sao was also able to give everyone and dry warm coat."

Greece: “Transfers To Mainland Against EU-Turkey Deal” (News That Moves, link):

"From Ta Nea: Greek Migration Policy Minister Yiannis Mouzalas stressed that the EU-Turkey deal does not include an option for transferring asylum seekers on the islands to the mainland and if the government does so it may lead to the agreement failing.

When asked why asylum claims take so long to process, the Minister replied, “We have 13,000 asylum applications in the islands, 50,000 applications on the mainland. We have a new asylum service that has existed for only three years in Greece, while the same services in France and Germany have fifty years of experience. I do not claim that our asylum service operates perfectly, but we are making progress.”

UNHCR: (2.12.16): 349,825 refugees have arrived in the EU this year: 173,069 to Italy and 171,785 to Greece. 4,699 dead/missing

UK: Home Office keeps child refugees ‘in the dark’ about move to UK (Guardian, link):

"Children held at French reception centres since Calais camp demolition are distressed by lack of information, says report..

The Home Office has been accused of failing to provide sufficient information to child refugees from the demolished Calais camp, in what critics believe is a ploy to try to reduce the number of unaccompanied minors who are likely to enter the UK.

Researchers who visited a series of reception centres in France, where children are being held as their UK applications are processed by Home Office officials, found many children had received insufficient information or none at all.

Their findings, contained in a report by the charity Help Refugees"

Libyan Fisherman Rescue 120 Refugees (Libyan Gazette, link):

"Boats carrying about 1,400 refugees across the Mediterranean from North Africa to Europe were rescued on Tuesday, according to the Italian coastguard.

Close to 11 boats overflowing with refugees left Libya for Europe at a time when sea waters were calm.

Eight dead bodies were found by rescuers on Topaz, a ship run by Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS). Seven of the bodies were in the same rubber boat, the eighth one was found in another refugee boat."

Are You Syrious (2.12.16, link)

Lesvos, Greece

"Very bad weather has been reported in Lesvos over the last week, with thunder storms and floods followed by freezing conditions high winds and some snow. In spite of that, there have been some new arrivals by boats. According to the local volunteers, a boat was picked up on the north coast of Lesvos today by the coast guard and brought into Petra with 50 people on board: 3 children, 17 women, 30 men. All passengers arrived safe, although some reportedly fascist groups have verbally attacked the newcomers. In the north, they are in need or experienced volunteers for the coast watch, please get in touch with The Hope Project if you are able to come."

Samos, Greece

"A 45 year old man died in the camp in Samos after waiting 4 hours in acute pain to see the duty camp doctor, who kept turning him away despite the fact that he had a heart condition, a field-based source wrote. The vast numbers of people living in the camp are vulnerable, children, including small babies, pregnant women, the elderly & people with disabilities and the chronically ill and they are living in inhumane and dangerous conditions & many of them have been there for up to 8 months."

Greece: Migrant children await hostel spots (, link):

"More than 1,200 unaccompanied child migrants are on waiting lists for a spot at one of the country’s special hostels for vulnerable children, aid workers told a seminar organized by Doctors of the World in Athens Friday.

Out of around 62,000 migrants and refugees currently in Greece, around 2,500 are unaccompanied minors..."

Greece: More than 1,200 unaccompanied children refugees on waiting lists for suitable accommodation (ANA-MPA, link):

"More than 1,200 unaccompanied children refugees are on waiting lists for a place in suitable accommodation, an associate of the migration policy ministry Alkis Souliotis said on Friday, at an event organized by the “Doctors of the World” in Athens.
In total, about 2,500 unaccompanied children live among the 62,000 refugees and migrants who remain in Greece, with 286 of those living in closed detention centers and another two locked up in police stations, Souliotis said."

Stranded in Serbia - refugees in limbo (DW, link): "The Balkan route no longer dominates the headlines, but it still exists. Refugees undertaking the journey have been left stranded, with doubts over their future growing by the day. Many have gathered in Belgrade."

Syrians in Germany undergo tough fight to see families (Daily Sabah, link):

"Germany, trying to staunch the flow of Syrian refugees, has placed high hurdles for them to be reunited with their families, creating a Kafkaesque nightmare in the courts."

Are You Syrious (1.12.16, link):


"UNHCR announced that the refugees will be moved from tents to indoor rooms. While there have almost been not sufficient efforts made to winterize the camps before, it needed the first snow in Petra camp (as reported in yesterday’s digest) and temperatures below zero in other locations to prepare this steps. But as of today a lot of camps are still in use and the refugees have to resist freezing temperatures. Neither UNHCR nor the government gave a timeframe until the refugees will be accommedated in heated shelters. Most of the containers remain fridges, because there is no electricity and no other heating provided till now."


"Even after the Austrian Federal Administrative Court suspended deportations to Croatia until the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) makes a final decision, Austrian government still intend to continue deportations, ORF reports. They say, that it is not a “general” but a “differentiated” deportation. The ones who are being deported did obviously enter Austria illegally, they say. The cases, in which transports have been organized by governments in 2015, have to be investigated.

According to the Austrian Ministry of Interior 300 refugees have been sent back to Croatia in October. There are about 2000 cases open."


"By 24th of November the new reception center for refugees in Paris had already welcomed 1,253 people, Reuters reports. The centre offers 400 beds for up to ten days to refugees and costs 6.5 million Euros. “In just 18 months, from June 2015 to November 2016, thirty makeshift camps have been cleared in Paris, with authorities providing emergency shelter for 22,000 migrants”, according to a townhall spokesman.... Volunteer reports say, there are still several hundred people sleeping roughly in the streets while temperatures are dropping sub zero. Donations and volunteers for distribution are urgently needed.... If you can donate, please"

Greece: Winter: Some Refugees To Be Moved Indoor (News That Moves, link):

"Freezing temperatures, rain, wind and the first snow in northern Greece are making the life of refugees living in camps more difficult.

The Greek Ministry of Migration Policy is slowly implementing plans to move some of the refugees living in official camps on mainland Greece, mostly in the north, to indoor facilities.

On November 30, the transfer of 1,100 Yazidi refugees from the Petra camp, unsuitable for winter, to local hotels and flats rented by UNHCR was completed by the UN Refugee Agency."

Lesvos, Greece: Eric Kempson (2.12.16):

"One boat was picked up on the north coast of Lesvos today by the coast guard and brought into Petra, 50 people on board, 3 children, 17 women, 30 men, every one was ok."

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