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Greece: Hellenic Police: Returns statement
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(Google translation):

"With an operation under the responsibility of the Hellenic Police and the assistance of staff of the European Border Guard and Coastguard - Frontex, today, 10 August 2017, two irregular migrants were returned to Turkey.

It was returned according to the European Union-Turkey Joint Declaration, it was from Iran and it had a negative decision to grant a second degree of international protection status. The second was returned in the framework of the EU-Turkey Readmission Agreement, it was from Turkey, without a will of asylum.

Their return was made by a charter chartered by the European Border Guard and Coast Guard Agency - Frontex, which sailed from the port of Mytilene to Dykeeli, Turkey.

Also, according to the European Union-Turkey bilateral readmission protocol, today, 10 August 2017, an irregular migrant from Pakistan was returned via the Evros Border Station, whose request for international protection was rejected to an extent and The deadline for appeal has expired.

As regards returns to Turkey, the following legal framework applies:

(A) The bilateral Greek-Turkish Readmission Protocol, signed in Athens on 8 November 2001 and ratified by Law 3030/2002 (Government Gazette A-163 / 15-07-2002).

(B) The European Union - Turkey Readmission Agreement signed on 16 December 2013 in Ankara and entered into force on 1 October 2014 on the readmission of Turkish nationals. Since 1 June 2016, it has also entered into force for third-country nationals, replacing the bilateral Greek-Turkish Readmission Protocol. However, during the current period the Greek government is in negotiations with the Turkish authorities and the Protocol on Implementation is pending.

C) The EU-Turkey Joint Declaration of 18 March 2016 stating that, as of 20 March 2016, all foreign nationals arriving in the Greek islands will be returned to Turkey.

It is noted that in the year 2016 and from 01-01-2017 to date have been returned to Turkey:

• Based on the bilateral Readmission Protocol between Greece and Turkey in 2016: 1183 - in 2017: 14, a total of 1,197 foreign nationals, third country nationals

• Based on the EU Readmission Agreement - Turkey, in 2016: 54 -2017: 11, a total of 65 Turkish nationals

• On the basis of the EU-Turkey Joint Declaration, in 2016: 801 -2017: 504, a total of 1,305 foreign nationals of different nationalities (of whom 202 from Syria)

D) In addition, 1494 foreign nationals from third countries who had entered our country by sea from Turkey were returned to their countries of origin voluntarily via the International Organization of Military and Migration, since the implementation of the EU-Turkey Joint Declaration." [emphasis added]

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