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Refugee crisis: latest news from across Europe
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Maltese leader calls for deal on Med migrants (, link)

"The head of the European Union's presidency is urging member countries to consider opening up humanitarian corridors to allow people fleeing conflict to cross the Mediterranean."

Greece: Far-right MP storms Athens school over refugee classes (, link): "Golden Dawn politician and his far-right supporters threaten staff for plans to offer classes to refugee children."

Are You Syrious (link):

Police violence (see Feature)

"A number of accounts of police violence and abuse in the border areas of Serbia’s neighboring countries have been reaching us lately. Although it has been a known subject for a while now, it was is the recent days that we received some disturbing documentation, photos and stories from people who have been beaten, abused and violated by the police officers of the border areas of Serbia, Hungary, Croatia and Macedonia."

CROATIA: Croatia keeps ‘losing’ unaccompanied minors

"How is it possible that dozens of refugee minors disappear from child care centres and everyone keeps quiet about it? Are You Syrious has sent an open letter to the responsible Ministries and child care institutions in Croatia, urging them to immediately start working on providing a better care system for unaccompanied refugee minors in Croatia, who are places in social care centres like child care facilities and special educational centres in the country."

Frontex boosts deportation programs (News That Moves, link):

"The European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) has launched a new initiative Turkey or their countries of origin. The force will largely act in emergencies, assisting EU member-states, which will retain final decisions regarding asylum claims and deportation. European Union Migration Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos said the program is essential for “reducing incentives for illegal immigration.” Frontex has coordinated the return of 10 700 migrants in 232 return operations in 2016."

UK: Deporting EU Rough Sleepers to Prevent Homelessness? (One Small Window, link):

"Homelessness and adequate housing are global crises of the twenty first century. The obvious manifestation of this is rough sleeping. According to the latest UK government statistics*, 3569 rough sleepers were counted in England in the autumn of 2015 alone, an increase of 30% on the same quarter in the previous year. This is more than double the number of rough sleepers estimated in the same period in 2010.

In London, over half of rough sleepers are foreign nationals, mainly from other European states, particularly Central and Eastern European states. In 2010, European Economic Area nationals (EEA: European Union + Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland) made up 28% of rough sleepers."

EU-TURKEY: UNHCR cannot monitor the rights of people returned under EU-Turkey deal

"What did the European Commission forget to tell us about the returnees of the EU-Turkey Deal?

So finally UNHCR stated formally, very quietly unfortunately, that has no unimpeded access to the returned refugees to Turkey and cannot monitor the returns under the EU-Turkey deal in any effective manner. In short they haven’t seen much of the returned refugees."

EU: DG Justice: Links between migration and discrimination: A legal analysis of the situation in EU Member States (pdf):

"This report, an update of a report initially published in 2009, aims to describe the links between nationality and protection from discrimination under EU and international law as well as in the domestic legal systems of EU Member States. Protection from discrimination should be seen as a key component of the current strategies for the integration of third-country nationals, which the European Commission pledged to support in the Action Plan it announced in June 2016.1 Such strategies are particularly important today, as the situation of the 20 million third-country nationals living in the EU-28 Member States, representing about 4 % of the total population of the EU, has been figuring prominently in the public debate, and as the European Union has witnessed a significant rise in the inflow of refugees since 2015."

EU: Council of Europe: Human Rights Commissioner: Slovenia: Parliament must ensure that legislative reform on migrants complies with human rights obligations (link):

"Slovenian parliamentarians should reject amendments to the Aliens Act that are contrary to international human rights and refugee protection standards by which Slovenia is bound”, said today Nils Muižnieks, Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, while releasing a letter addressed to the President of the National Assembly of Slovenia.

Two of the proposed amendments recently introduced by the Government would allow the police to refuse entry into Slovenia and to arrest and summarily return foreigners who entered the country irregularly, even if they express the intention to apply for asylum in Slovenia. The parliament could activate these measures for a renewable 6-month period in case of a change of the migration situation in Slovenia that “threatens public order and internal security."

See: Letter (pdf)

IDMC-Norwegian Refugee Council: Africa Report on internal displacement (pdf):

"Conflict, violence and disasters force millions of Africans from their homes, communities and livelihoods each year, and initial figures for 2016 suggest this year will be no different."

Surge of African migrants brave Latin America jungle trek for U.S. dream (Thomson Reuters, link): "As Europe tightens its borders, growing surge of people from Africa seek new routes to flee poverty, war and persecution."

And see: African migration: trends, patterns, drivers (link)

Drones, dogs and fences: The security ‘shepherds’ guarding Europe's borders: "Europe's frontiers are being fortified and militarised in response to the refugee crisis - and business for border security firms is booming."

Greece: Ministry Refugee Statistics (17.1.17)

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