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Brexit: Commission position paper on "transitional arrangements" and EP briefing on implications for readmission of migrants
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The European Commission has published a position paper on "Transitional Arrangements in the Withdrawal Agreement" that "translates into legal terms the principles laid down in the European Council Guidelines of 29 April and 15 December 2017 and in the supplementary negotiating directives annexed the Council Decision [sic] of 29 January 2018." Meanwhile the European Parliament has published a briefing paper on the implications of Brexit for readmission: "the act of returning... persons to their state of origin, or in limited circumstances, to another state."

European Commission: Position paper "Transitional Arrangements in the Withdrawal Agreement" (7 February 2018, pdf):

"The underpinning principles for the arrangements for the transition period are laid down in the European Council guidelines of 29 April and 15 December 2017 and they were further developed in the Council negotiating directives of 29 January 2018.

On this basis, this paper outlines in legal terms how such arrangements should be given effect in the Withdrawal Agreement.

It should be noted that the detailed provisions relating to the financial settlement aspects of the transition will be covered under the Financial Provisions of the Withdrawal Agreement. In addition to the elements contained in the Joint report of 8 December 2017, the Financial Provisions of the Withdrawal Agreement should also cover the financing, during the transition period, of the relevant Common Foreign and Security Policy and Common Security and Defence Policy agencies or operations on the basis of the same contribution key as before the withdrawal date."

European Parliament: Briefing: The implications of the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union on readmission cooperation (pdf):

"Key findings

- EU readmission agreements, and mixed agreements containing readmission clauses will no longer apply to the UK following its withdrawal from the EU.

- Geographical proximity and migration patterns necessitate continuing cooperation between the EU and UK on readmission.

- A readmission clause pertaining to the readmission of own nationals should be included in the future EU-UK relationship agreement alongside an EU-UK readmission agreement covering third country nationals and stateless persons.

- Further cooperation beyond such a readmission clause and agreement will be dependent on the structure and closeness of the future relationship."

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