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November 2007

On the path to barbarity: It is no accident that those who advocate war for humanitarian reasons end up justifying torture by John Laughland (Guardian, link)

Germany rolls out ePassport II - it's fingerprinting good! (The Register, link)

Spanish judge to open inquest into suspected atrocities against North African Saharawi people (International Herald Tribune, link)

October 2007

Germany: Remscheid - Police raids refugee camp (link)

CoE: Council of Europe Convention on Trafficking Human Beings enters into force (CoE, link)

Netherlands: Fingerprints fail to tackle football ‘hooligans’ (infosecurity News, link)

Inside the crevice: Islamist terror networks and the 7/7 intelligence failures report from the Institute for Policy Research and Development (link)

UK: New biometrics trial unveiled at Gatwick (link) Biodev trial and Motorola Identity Management solution underpins UK Biometric Visas pilot

UK: RFID "chips" in cigarette packets (Times, link)

September 2007

USA: Run away the ray-gun is coming : We test US army's new secret weapon (Daily Mail, link)

UK: Europe claims UK botched one third of Data Protection Directive (Out Law, link)

UK: How the anti-apartheid movement was spied on by Special Branch (Independent, link) Links to Public Records Office documents: Special Branch monitoring of the Anti-Apartheid Movement (Guardian) and 2nd batch (link)

August 2007

UK: DNA database chaos with 500,000 false or misspelt entries (Independent, link)

EU: A new "iron curtain": On EU's eastern frontier, a high-tech effort to protect expanded borderless zone (link)

Afghanistan: How can this bloody failure be regarded as a good war? The western occupation of Afghanistan has brought neither peace nor development - and it fuels the terror threat by Seumas Milne (Guardian, link)

Germany: Swastikas painted on asylum seeker flats (link)

UK-USA: Boy mistaken for terror suspect: Javaid and his family were delayed at three airports (BBC News, link) A seven-year-old boy from Lancashire has been mistaken for a terrorist suspect at three airports during a family holiday, relatives have said.

UK-SPAIN: Terror suspect's family claims he was tortured by Spanish police by Duncan Campbell and Giles Tremlett in Madrid (Guardian, link)

EU: Current Developments in European Defence Policy (pdf)

July 2007

Brown's contempt for democracy has dragged Britain into a new cold war: The prime minister has broken his word and put us all at risk by allowing a US missile defence base on the North York Moors by George Monbiot (Guardian, link)

'Big Brother' plan for police to use new road cameras (Guardan, link)

Heathrow to introduce fingerprint checks: BA domestic passengers are to become the first in Britain to have their fingerprint taken as a matter of routine (Times, link).

The shambles over cybercrime (Guardian, link). If you are the subject of fraud - someone uses your credit card details - don't tell the police tell the bank

CoE: CIA secret detentions in Europe: PACE urges oversight of military and foreign intelligence services (CoE, link)

June 2007

Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group - useful site on background (link)

May 2007

UK-USA: Banker's inquest to throw spotlight on controversial US extradition deal (Guardian, link)

US "wants British Pakistanis to have entry visas"
(Guardian, link)

March 2007

"Talking CCTV brings voice of authority to the street" (pdf) Home Office, 4 April 2007. Twenty more "communities" are to have this installed following the experiment in Middlesborough.

Sweden proposes giving intelligence agency broad new powers (IHT, link)

February 2007

EU: Proposed legislation called a threat to Internet users' privacy (International Herald Tribune, link) Concern the implementation of the EU Directive on thr mandatory retention of telecommunications traffic data: See: Statewatch's Observatroy on the surveillance of telecommunications in the EU

UK: Police may gain new powers on questioning - Interviews could continue after charge, says Falconer (Guardian, link). At present questioning has to stop after a person is charged. The Lord Chancellor also said such new police powers would not be limited to terrorist offences - yet again "terorrism" is to be the rationale for extending powers.

The brain scan that can read people's intentions (Guardian, link)

UK: Stripped naked as you walk down the street: "As part of the most shocking extension of Big Brother powers ever planned here, lenses in lampposts would snap “naked” pictures of passers-by to trap terror suspects" (SUN, link)

January 2007

France: CNIL website section, "Discover how you are tracked on the Internet"

The spy who stayed out in the cold: After blowing the whistle on the dirty tactics of his CIA bosses in the 70s, Philip Agee was forced into exile. Thirty years on he has found a safe haven, but, he tells Duncan Campbell, the fight goes on, by Duncan Campbell (Guardian, link)

Britons to be scanned for FBI database - Anger over airport fingerprint plan · Terror tests to start this summer (Observer, link)

Porvoo group (link) Intergovernmental grouping, including the UK and USA, working on ID cards and so-called "e-Services"

FBI files detail Guantánamo torture tactics (Guardian, link) Link to Full report released through ACLU case
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